Candace Owens: Business Owners Know the Rioting Looters are ‘Antifa Operating Under the Guise of Black Lives Matter’

By Craig Bannister | November 3, 2020 | 3:53pm EST
Candace Owens
(Getty Images/Zach Gibson)

If the mobs ravaging and looting inner city stores were right-wingers, business owners would not be painting “Black Lives Matter” on the boards they’ve used to protect their enterprises, Blexit leader and Commentator Candace Owens said Monday.

Discussing efforts by left-wing politicians and liberal media to convince Americans that the rioters and looters are actually Trump supporters with Fox News Host Tucker Carlson, Owens pointed out that it would be self-destructive to display pro-Black Lives Matter messages if the mobs were made up of white supremacists:

Tucker Carlson: “So we’re being told, in spite of six months of videotaped evidence, that the real threat is from the right. How should we process this?”

Candace Owens: “You know how to process it Tucker: don’t believe your own eyes. That’s the left’s motto: don’t believe your own eyes. You know, walking down the street today in Washington, I see these stores boarded up. But, here’s what’s really interesting that I want to point out.

“These owners are also writing on these boards ‘We support Black Lives Matter.’

“Now, why would a business owner feel the need to spray-paint on their own business, boarded up, ‘We support Black Lives Matter?’ Because they’re hoping that, if they send that message – they know exactly who’s going to support them – they know it’s not Trump supporters.

“They know it’s the left. It’s the radical left. They know it’s Antifa operating under the guise of Black Lives Matter, pretending that them destroying and ruining inner cities is because they care about Black lives, right. That’s the mirage the left is meaning. When, in fact, they just believe this is the right way to act.”

“It’s not just these thugs that are doing this. They’re getting dog-whistled actively. The leftist media is telling them there is no way Trump can win this election legitimately. I’ve heard James Clyburn say that the other day. I’ve listened to multiple commentators say that on the left: ‘There’s no way he can win this legitimately.’

“What does that signal to all these groups, Tucker? All these groups on the left. It says, you know what, you have a right to destroy because, no matter what happens, if you don’t get what you want, it’s because things were not done legitimately.”

If the leftist, media claims were true, “People would be spray-painting ‘I’m a White supremacist! Spare me, right-wing mobs!’” Tucker Carlson agreed.

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