87K More IRS Agents ‘Will Bring Down Inflation,’ ‘Gas Prices,’ and ‘Price of Bread and Food,’ Rep. Green Says

Craig Bannister | September 29, 2022 | 10:58am EDT
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Rep. Al Green

Appearing on “Fox News Live” with Griff Jenkins on Sunday, Rep. Green was asked about Americans’ concerns the new agents will be used to subject them to unjustified scrutiny:

“Specifically, [GOP Minority Leader] McCarthy is going to put forth a bill, if he’s elected speaker, to stop this 87,000-strong army of IRS agents that have a lot of Americans, middle-class, tax-paying Americans, many who perhaps live in your district, worried that they’re headed for undue criticism and undue audits and the like. Do you want to respond to that?”

“And that will bring down inflation. That will bring down gas prices. That will bring down the price of food and bread markets,” Rep. Green replied.

“Harassing taxpaying Americans will bring down inflation? Is that what you’re saying?” Jenkins asked incredulously.

“If that’s the plan, then I’d like to see how that plan is going to impact all of these things,” Rep. Green answered.

Green went on to say that the plan to hire 87,000 more IRS agents needs to be tested, even though “people have disdain for the IRS,” because Democrat plans are more important than Republican slogans:

“You can call a cow a horse, but it’s not. Put it in the Kentucky Derby and see how well it will function.”

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