72% of Americans Favor Requiring Photo ID to Vote, AP Survey Finds

By Craig Bannister | April 2, 2021 | 1:05pm EDT
(Getty Images/Jim Watson)

More than seven in ten Americans support requiring voters to provide photo identification in order to cast their ballots, a new AP-NORC survey reveals.

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of all American adults favor requiring a photo ID, as do 72% of Independents and 91% of Republicans. Even 56% of Democrats support requiring photo IDs – despite their party’s push to greatly diminish validation of voter eligibility via its “For the People Act” (H.R. 1). Just 13% of Americans oppose the photo ID requirement, the survey finds.

“More than a dozen mostly Republican-led states” currently have some form of photo ID requirement, AP reports:

“The poll found bipartisan agreement on requiring all voters to provide photo identification at their polling place -- something that more than a dozen mostly Republican-led states have implemented.

“Not all these states have strict rules, though, and many allow voters to sign an affidavit if they don’t have their photo ID with them.”

(Screenshot -Source: AP-NORC)

Democrats’ H.R. 1 would allow people to vote without presenting proof of identity, if they sign a sworn statement, AP reports:

“The bill in Congress would require all states with an ID requirement to allow voters to sign a sworn statement under penalty of perjury and have their ballot counted.”

The survey of 1,166 adults chosen from NORC’s reservoir of panelists was conducted March 26-29, 2021 and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points.

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