71% Have Little or No Trust in House Impeachment Inquiry, Monmouth University Poll Shows

Craig Bannister | December 11, 2019 | 3:26pm EST
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(Getty Images/Mark Wilson)

Americans remain greatly skeptical of the way the House impeachment inquiry has been conducted, results of a new Monmouth University Poll released Wednesday reveal.

Results of the national telephone poll of 903 U.S. adults, conducted December 4-8, 2019, shows attitudes are virtually unchanged from November’s poll - with 44% saying both months that they have no trust at all in the way the inquiry has been conducted.

“How much do you trust the way the House impeachment inquiry has been conducted so far – a lot, a little or none at all?”

·         A Lot: 26%, up from 24%

·         A little: 27%, down from 29%

·         None at All: 44%, unchanged

·         Don’t know: 4%, up from 3%

About twice as many Americans say both Democrats and Republicans in Congress are more interested in advancing their respective political goals as say they are more interested in “pursuing the facts.” While 59% of Americans say that Democrats are “more interested in finding ways to bring down President Trump,” 60% say Republicans are “more interested in finding ways to defend President Trump.”

Conversely, 33% say Democrats are “more interested in pursuing the facts” than in taking down Trump and 29% say they believe Republicans are more interested in the facts than in defending the president.

The survey results have a margin of error of +/- 3.3 percentage points.


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