40% of Regular Churchgoers Favor Splitting U.S. into Two Countries: Red States and Blue States

Craig Bannister | January 13, 2021 | 2:00pm EST
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While one in four registered voters now say it’s time for the U.S. to split into two separate countries – Red (Republican) and Blue (Democrat) – a much higher percentage of regular churchgoers and Evangelical Christians favor the idea.

A national survey of 1,200 registered voters conducted by Just the News and pollster Scott Rasmussen conducted January 7-9, 2021 asked the following question:

“Some have suggested that the Red States and Blue States (Republican leaning States and Democratic leaning States) should split into separate countries. Would you favor or oppose splitting the Red States and Blue States into separate countries?”

A quarter (25%) of U.S. voters say they either “Strongly Favor” (11%) or “Somewhat Favor” (14%) dividing the country into two, based on each state’s political leaning:

  • Total Favor: 25%
  • Strongly Favor 11%
  • Somewhat Favor 14%
  • Total Oppose 62%
  • Somewhat Oppose 10%
  • Strongly Oppose 52%
  • Not Sure 12%

While 32% of Republicans and 22% of Democrats say they favor the split, support is stronger among respondents who are either “Very Conservative” (43%) or “Very Liberal” (33%).

Regular churchgoers are more likely to favor dividing into Red and Blue Americas, as 40% of those who attend church more than once a week support the move, compared to just 18% of those who never go to church:

  • More than Once a Week: 40%
  • Every Week: 30%
  • 1-2 Times a Month: 30%
  • Occasionally: 18%
  • Never: 18%

By religious persuasion, Evangelicals (43%) are the most likely to support the two-country plan, while those of other faiths approximate the national average:

  • Evangelicals 43%
  • Bible Believing 26%
  • Protestant 25%
  • Catholic 23%
  • Other 20%


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