Sessions Says He Never Disagrees With His Wife—Then Remembers He’s Under Oath

By Staff | January 10, 2017 | 12:36pm EST
(Screen Capture)

Sen. John Cornyn jocularly asked Sen. Jeff Sessions at his attorney-general confirmation hearing today whether he and his wife, Mary, ever disagree. (The couple will soon be celebrating their 48th anniversary.)

Sessions said: "No"--as his wife, sitting behind him in the hearing room, broke out laughing. Sessions then said: "Wait a minute, I'm under oath. On occasion we do. Yes.

Here is the exchange:

Cornyn: Sen. Sessions I know the nature of these confirmation hearings is that people pick out issues that they are concerned about, or where there may be some good faith disagreement on policy and that is what they focus on. But let me just ask you, maybe it is not a great analogy, but let me try anyway.

You’ve been married to your wife to your wife, Mary, almost fifty years, right. 

Sessions: Well, it hasn’t gotten to fifty yet. Forty-seven. Soon to be forty-eight.

Cornyn: Well, that is a good run.

Sessions: Let it continue. I have been blessed.

Cornyn: Are there occasions when you and your wife disagree?

Sessions: No, senator.

There then was a burst of laughter in the hearing room.

Unidentified Voice: You are under oath.

Sessions: Wait a minute, I’m under oath.  On occasion, we do. Yes.

Cornyn: Well, do you think it would be fair to characterize the nature of your relationship with your wife based upon those handful of disagreements that you have had with her over time

Sessions: That is a good point. Thank you for making it. No, I don’t.

Cornyn: Well, and to your original point: Your wife is always right. Correct.

Sessions: That is correct.

Cornyn: You are under oath.

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