Joe Biden: ‘Amigos, es el Dia del Censo!’

By Staff | April 2, 2020 | 10:47am EDT
(Scott Olson/Getty Images)
(Scott Olson/Getty Images)

( - Former Vice President Joe Biden, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, sent out a tweet on Wednesday in Spanish reminding his “amigos” it was Census Day and urging them to complete the Census.

“Amigos, es el Dia del Censo!” said Biden. “Solo toma unos minutos completer el Censo, pero ayudara a determiner el future de su comunidad para la proxima decada. Visite para que lo cuenten hoy.”

Biden did provide an English version of his tweet for Americans who do not know Spanish. But he did not send out the Tweet in Ukrainian or Chinese--or any other languages other than Spanish and English.


“Folks, it’s Census Day !” Biden said in the English version of his tweet. “It only takes a few minutes to complete, but will help determine the future of your community for the next decade. Head to to get counted today.”

April 1, according to the Census Bureau, is “the day that determines who is counted in the 2020 Census and where they are counted.”

According to the Census Bureau, when answering the Census, people are susposed to: “Respond for where you live as of April 1.”

The Census population count determines the apportionment of congressional districts among the states---and the distribution of votes in the Electoral College, which is the body that ultimately elects the president of the United States. 

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