Food For Thought, Mayor Bloomberg and First Lady Obama: Lead By Example

By Bob Parks | March 12, 2013 | 9:52am EDT

I find it quite sad politicians and their wives feel they know more than we do about our nutrition and the health concerns associated with them. Whether we're talking about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg or First Lady Michelle Obama, neither have the educational, professional medical or health credentials to tell any of us what to eat, drink, or how and when to exercise.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg and First Lady Michelle Obama

The problem is they believe they can simply because of who they are.

With that, what ever happened to "lead by example"? I'm not talking about them, but what about those under their direct influence? Okay, the First Lady can't order federal employees to do anything... yet.

The next time any of you go into any government office, whether we're talking local, state, or federal, take a look around at those who are working at that office or facility. From my own experience, those Mayor Bloomberg and First Lady Obama refer to as "obese" are clearly in the majority. If you think I'm exaggerating, take an informal poll the next time you visit your local government office.

And getting government workers whittled down to an acceptable body-mass shouldn't be hard, that is, if unions don't step in and require a pay boost for workers who had to make that extra effort to exercise more and drink fewer 18-ounce sodas.

Think of all the fewer sick days and diabetes-related medical expenses employees and the government would have to incur if they were to do what Bloomberg and Michelle Obama have strongly recommended for the rest of us. Then again, we'd be talking about the responsible use of taxpayer funds and that's a debate they probably don't have time for.

So, before Mayor Bloomberg and First Lady Obama decide they need to get our minds right, at least for appearance sake (literally), it might be a good idea if the size of government was reduced.

It's all about attitude.

With the exception of Congressman John Murtha, have you ever seen a fat Marine, active duty or retired? I think not.

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