Levin on CNN: They’re Not a News Organization Anymore

By Annabel Scott | June 28, 2017 | 2:09pm EDT
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin (Flickr Photo/Labeled for Reuse)

On his nationally syndicated radio show Tuesday, host Mark Levin criticized CNN, saying the network has “sold out” and is “not a news organization anymore.”

“CNN, in my view right now, is in a state of complete disintegration,” said Mark Levin. “It won’t show up right away on their ratings, but it will eventually show up. They truly do run with phony stories. They have prostituted themselves. They have sold out. They are not a news organization anymore.”

Levin’s comments came after CNN published, then redacted a story linking a Trump surrogate to a Russian investment fund, prompting the resignation of three CNN employees.

Below is a transcript of Levin’s comments from his show Tuesday.

“CNN, in my view right now, is in a state of complete disintegration. It won’t show up right away on their ratings, but it will eventually show up. They truly do run with phony stories.

“They tried to pin one these Trump surrogates – one of these wealthy guys, one of these, I don’t know his name. I can’t pronounce it. I forget who he is. I don’t know all these people – with some Russian banker, Russian connection. There was no facts whatsoever to support that, but they were so anxious to put it out on cable TV, so anxious to smear this guy. So, they [CNN] pulled it back and they fired three so-called reporters who were involved in it, or they left – something to that effect.

“‘Now you got to run it through the executives, stories about Russia.’ Run stories about Russia through the executives. Now, there’s two points about that.

“Number one, the executives are the problem, starting with that Jeff Zucker. They’re the problem.

“And then number two, what does it say about their reporters that even Jeff Zucker and the other management doesn’t trust them. Well then fire their a----. Why are they even there? I’m quite serious about this. It doesn’t even make sense. It doesn’t make sense. Does it to you?

“So you got the top guy at CNN and his lieutenants who basically already told the reporters, so-called, and the host, so-called, ‘Go after this Russia. Go after it. We’re getting our ratings up. We’re making money. Advertiser. Go, go, go, go,’ right?

‘So they have prostituted themselves. They’ve sold out. They’re not a news organization anymore.

“So let me ask you this question, as a result of that, why should they be treated as a news organization?”

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