Obama Cancels Meeting With Muslim Brotherhood...But, Why?

Alex Cortes
By Alex Cortes | September 24, 2012 | 1:54 PM EDT

In July, President Obama invited Muslim Brotherhood leader and Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi to the United States and the two were set to meet. But now, when Morsi is actually here, Obama is suddenly cool to meeting with him, so they aren’t.

One has to wonder why Obama is suddenly averse to meeting the leader of the government he gave $1.5 billion to and had over to the White House a few months ago?

Perhaps because this same Muslim Brotherhood and its leaders that he has long embraced have since let our embassy be attacked? Perhaps because their actions were predictable to anyone but Obama?

What should an American President expect from a Muslim Brotherhood that has long-written about destroying America from within and publicly speaks about conquering Israel? For them to defend our embassy?

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