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January 8, 2019, 12:11 PM EST
A federal district court ruled Friday that Colorado cannot block an attempt by Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips to sue the state over its “hostility” towards him and his Christian beliefs.
January 7, 2019, 10:50 PM EST
Former ICE Director Tom Homan told Fox News on Monday that the Democrats need to put national security above their desire to see President Donald Trump fail on the immigration issue.
January 7, 2019, 3:03 PM EST
Stephanie Brown James, co-founder of the Collective PAC, told ABC’s “This Week” in Sunday that if Americans don’t get their tax returns on time because of the partial government shutdown, President Donald Trump will need to build a wall around the White House.
January 7, 2019, 10:42 AM EST
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) told CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday that if President Donald Trump tries to use his emergency powers to build the border wall, “he’ll face challenge.”
January 4, 2019, 3:49 PM EST
President Donald Trump indicated Friday that he may use emergency powers for national security reasons to build the wall, but he’d rather “do it through negotiated process.”
January 4, 2019, 10:08 AM EST
Speaking to reporters outside the White House, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made if clear Friday that President Donald Trump has been willing to negotiate with Democrats on border security from the beginning but he won’t put national security at risk.
January 3, 2019, 7:25 PM EST
( - In his first press conference from the White House briefing room, President Donald Trump, flanked by Border Patrol officials, stressed the need for a border wall. The president began by congratulating newly elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on her speakership.
January 3, 2019, 3:33 PM EST
Muslim-American comedian Hasan Minhaj, formerly of the “Daily Show,” called on the United States to “reassess” its relationship with Saudi Arabia during an episode of his show “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj.” Minhaj began the episode titled “Saudi Arabia” by commenting on the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, calling it “the most unbelievable cover story since Blake Shelton won Sexiest Man Alive.” “This entire cover-up exists for one reason,” Minhaj said. He criticized Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman (commonly referred to as MBS). “It blows my mind that it took the killing of a Washington Post journalist for everyone to go, ‘Oh, I guess he’s really not a reformer.” “Now would be a good time to reassess our relationship with Saudi Arabia,” Minhaj said in the “And I mean that as a Muslim, and as an American.” “Remember, America hates terrorists. Saudi Arabia gave them passports. Saudi Arabia was basically the boy band manager of 9/11. They didn’t write the songs, but they helped get the group together,” he said. Deadline reports that Minhaj’s criticism prompted the Saudi government to contact Netflix, citing a Saudi law that says “production, preparation, transmission, or storage of material impinging on public order, religious values, public morals, and privacy, through the information network or computers.” Violating Article 6 of Saudi Arabia’s Anti-Cyber Crime Law is a crime punishable by a maximum of five years in prison and a fine of as much as $800,000. In response, Netflix pulled the episode titled “Saudi Arabia” from its streaming service in Saudi Arabia, saying, “We strongly support artistic freedom worldwide and only removed this episode in Saudi Arabia after we had received a valid legal request — and to comply with local law.” The “Saudi Arabia” episode is still available to subscribers in the United States. Minhaj tweeted in response to Netflix’s decision, saying, “Clearly, the best way to stop people from watching something is to ban it, make it trend online, and then leave it up on YouTube. Let’s not forget that the world’s largest humanitarian crisis is happening in Yemen right now.” He then provided a link to the International Rescue Committee and urged people to donate to its humanitarian efforts in Yemen.
January 3, 2019, 11:34 AM EST
President Donald Trump (Screenshot)
January 2, 2019, 10:47 PM EST
During a cabinet meeting prior to a planned sitdown with congressional leaders, President Donald Trump was reticent to say whether he’s willing to accept less than the $5.6 billion he has requested for a border wall.
January 2, 2019, 3:29 PM EST
In an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) said Congress has to stop playing “the blame game” and get on with the business of “serious negotiations.”
January 2, 2019, 10:18 AM EST
A California police officer was allegedly gunned down by an illegal alien the day after Christmas, sparking new concerns about California’s sanctuary city law.
December 21, 2018, 2:30 PM EST
As the Senate considers funding legislation that includes money for border security, President Donald Trump said Friday that if Democrats don’t vote to fund a border wall, it will be considered a Democrat shutdown.
December 21, 2018, 10:44 AM EST
President Donald Trump signed into law the $867 billion farm bill Thursday, which includes welfare reform requiring able-bodied adults without children to work or look for work.
December 20, 2018, 10:40 PM EST
During a signing ceremony for the farm bill, President Donald Trump on Thursday made it clear that he would not accept a Senate-backed funding bill that does not include money for border security and a wall. 
December 20, 2018, 3:43 PM EST
DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified before the House Judiciary Committee Thursday, telling Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) that she takes offense to him saying she lied about the separation of illegal immigrant families.
December 20, 2018, 11:01 AM EST
A federal judge on Wednesday struck down the Trump administration’s policy denying asylum claims on the basis of domestic and gang-related violence.
December 19, 2018, 10:36 PM EST
In his farewell speech Wednesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) called for Congress to fix the “broken immigration system” and modernize the country’s visa system.
December 19, 2018, 11:50 AM EST
During a roundtable discussion Tuesday on the Federal Commission on School Safety’s report on preventing school shootings, President Donald Trump announced the progress his administration is making on the issue, including congressional passage of the Fix NICS act and the STOP School Violence Act, and the Justice Department’s new regulation banning bump stocks.
December 18, 2018, 11:03 PM EST
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Tuesday that the FBI “broke standard protocol in the way that they came in an ambushed” former national security adviser Michael Flynn despite Flynn telling a federal judge Tuesday he knew it was illegal to lie to the FBI.