Trump: 'You're Going to End Up Having a One-Party System in the United States'

By Susan Jones | October 2, 2020 | 5:45am EDT
President Trump spoke remotely to the Al Smith dinner on Wednesday night. (Photo: Screen capture)
President Trump spoke remotely to the Al Smith dinner on Wednesday night. (Photo: Screen capture)

( - Just a few hours before announcing he has tested positive for coronavirus, President Trump spoke with Fox News's Sean Hannity about the debate and other political matters.

He said if Democrats take control of the federal government in November, "You're going to end up having a one-party system in the United States."

"They are looking to stack the court," Trump said, noting that Joe Biden has dodged that question on Tuesday night.

And they are also going to add two or three new states. I heard Guam and two others that you mentioned (D.C. and Puerto Rico), as you know. That would give them six automatic Senate seats, automatic, no chance. Just, it would be very unfair. And twenty-something congressional seats. So that's what they want to do.

If you -- if you give them what they want, we really have a one-party system. We could never catch up. So they'll be talking about four to six senators. Republicans can't win those states, although I've been better to Puerto Rico than any other president. I've given them a lot of help... But they're looking for statehood. A lot of Puerto Ricans don't want statehood. They're doing better the way it is now, frankly.

'What's the flag going to look like?'

And you have been seeing this -- this has been taking place. They want to put two or three states -- they want to have 53, right? 53. What's the flag going to look like, right Sean? What's the flag going to look like? They want 53 or 52.

Depending on what they do -- I guess they could probably do even more than that. We have islands all over the place. What if they go for the whole ball game? So it's a very, very sad thing for our country, very, very sad thing.

And in all fairness to Mitch, he did not want to do the nuclear option. and I disagreed, because I said they're going to do it. It turned out, they are. But he's a legitimate guy, he wasn't going to do the nuclear option because he thought it was bad for our country. So I understood t hat. I didn't go wild. But I did say it would be good to do it because they're going to do it. So it's a very sad thing.

So you're going to have two or three more states added, you're going to have four or six senators added -- 100 percent Democrat, 100 percent. You're going to have maybe 20 congressional candidates or districts added, and it's really a horrible thing. It's going to be very unfair.

You're going to end up having a one party system in the United States. So if people want to stop that, you've got to vote against the Democrats.

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