Rep. Ratcliffe: Democrats Trying to 'Undo One Election and...Influence the Next One'

By Susan Jones | October 1, 2019 | 11:13am EDT
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( - Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) on Monday called the Democrats' three-year drive for impeachment "outrageous."

"I mean, there are now more versions of Democratic impeachment than there are Microsoft Window versions," Ratcliffe told Fox News's Mario Bartiromo.

He said Democrats are trying to "undo one election and at the same time influence the next one."


Remember, it was we must impeach this president because he colluded with Russia? No, no wait, we must impeach this president because he obstructed justice by not firing Bob Mueller. No wait, now we must impeach this president because he abused power by having a conversation that doesn't say what we want it to say. It's just so outrageous and absurd.

And ultimately Maria, it's going to be up to the American people to see through this charade.

The problem is, Ratcliffe continued, the American people "are being bombarded with news stories that somehow this is real, that somehow this is legitimate.

This is just the latest in -- a shiny object -- the newest shiny object for the Democrats. They've been on this impeachment search party for three -- better part of three years now, Maria, and none of it has been proven to be true.

The president is right. They are now treating this whistleblower like Christine Blasey Ford and they are deifying this person without having any facts.

And you remember Christine Blasey Ford -- her story didn't hold up. She wasn't telling the truth, but they wanted to impeach and still want to, many of them, impeach Kavanaugh over that false testimony. We'll see what this whistleblower really knows.

But again, the best evidence of the conversation was the two people involved, and the two people involved said nothing improper happened, nothing unlawful happened, but yet we all see that the Democrats are going to get there one way or another in the House. They're going to abuse the tools that they have to try and impeach this president.

It won't be successful in the end, because he won't be convicted in any trial on the articles of impeachment in the Senate. But what they're trying to do, Maria, is to undo one election and at the same time influence the next one.


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