Rep. Cohen: Trump Should Be Declared 'The Worst Person in the Universe'

By Susan Jones | August 30, 2019 | 11:03am EDT
Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) advocates the impeachment of President Trump. (Photo: Screen capture)

( - Rep. Steve Cohen, a Tennessee Democrat who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, told CNN on Friday that his constituents believe President Donald Trump is "one of the most miserable people ever to live -- that Keith Olbermann should come back and declare him the worst person in the universe."

CNN's Jim Sciutto asked Cohen, "When you speak to your constituents back in Tennessee, do you sense any exhaustion from them at all with the whole range of investigations? Do you sense them turning to say, hey, let's look to November 2020, let's forget all this other (impeachment) stuff?"

"A few people tell me that," Cohen replied.

Most people tell me don't let up. Don't stop. They want him gone. Now, my district is a predominantly Democratic, African-American district. That is a demographic that is very much against Trump and feels his racism in a very personal way.

But it's not just my African-American constituents. It's my Caucasian constituents as well my Hispanic constituents. They encourage me to continue to go after Trump. They find him to be one of the most miserable people ever to live -- that Keith Olbermann should come back and declare him the worst person in the universe.

Cohen smiled, as Sciutto exclaimed, "Goodness!" and changed the subject.

Cohen also was asked about a federal judge's refusal late Thursday to fast-track the House Democrats' lawsuit seeking quick access to six years of Trump's tax returns.

U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden rejected the request: "To be sure, this is no ordinary case," press reports quoted him as saying, "but the weighty constitutional issues and political ramifications it presents militate in favor of caution and deliberation, not haste."

President Trump is trying to block the release of his tax returns.

Cohen noted, "The Trump administration wants to put it off as much as possible, because obviously there's something in there that the president is embarrassed about or will cause him great political shame.

"He first, you know, claimed that he was under audit and he couldn't release it because he was under audit. Well, there's no reason, being under audit, whether he was or wasn't, is a reason you cannot disclose your tax returns. And every president for 50, 60, 70 years has released their tax returns.

"Now he's just fighting it in the law, and the law is clear that the (House Ways and Means) Committee has a right to see those upon request. Eventually the courts will show us those tax returns,” Cohen predicted.

Cohen said it's possible that Trump's tax returns may be provided to the committee by either Deutsche Bank or the State of New York rather than the IRS.

"But eventually the people will know, and whatever it is will be known by the American public, as it should be," Cohen said.

Other House Democrats have said they need to see Trump’s tax returns to be sure the IRS is properly auditing the president. Cohen on Friday gave the more accurate version – that the returns are being sought by Democrats intent on damaging Trump personally.


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