Message From Republicans: 'It Is Definitely Time to Move On'

By Susan Jones | July 25, 2019 | 5:59am EDT
Republican Reps. Doug Collins, Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes hold a news conference following Robert Mueller's testimony on July 24. (Photo by Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images)

( - Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and several of his fellow Republicans took to the microphone after Robert Mueller testified on Wednesday, all of them agreeing it's time for Congress to tackle issues that matter to the American people:

"My colleagues are exactly right -- it's time to move on," Jordan said.



Understand where we're at: three years ago next week is when the Trump-Russia investigation began. And the FBI investigated for 10 months. Understand the big picture--the President is falsely accused. FBI investigates it for 10 months. They find nothing. We know that because we deposed (former FBI Director James) Comey and he told us that.

And then Bob Mueller takes over in May of 2017, and he investigates it for 22 months. So, here we are now three years later, and Bob Mueller found no collusion, no conspiracy, no coordination. It is definitely time to move on.

The second thing I would say -- the investigation that matters, and I said this in today's hearing--well, actually the two investigations that matter most now are the one Mr. Horowitz is going to have completed here in a couple of months, and of course, the one that the Attorney General has asked John Durham, U.S. Attorney, to do, which is to look into how this whole three-year saga began that our country has now lived through for these--for these three years.

So, those are the things that matter, and I look forward to hearing from that. But let's stop the continuous investigation into something that's already--we've already spent three years on. And let's focus on those issues that really matter to the American people.

Likewise, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said the Mueller hearings should "be the end of the chapter."

"It is time to solve the problems. I understand this majority has no agenda. I understand that they can't pass something outside of a resolution, but the American public expects more from this Congress. It would be the best advice for these Democrats to put the American public first and move forward to the issues that we can solve."

McCarthy listed some of the things Republicans want to work on:

We'll work with anybody that wants to make sure that this border is secure, that we solve this crisis, that would take care of the kids. As Republican leader, we'll work on making sure USMCA that makes Americans stronger, makes us in this battle around the rest of the world, that our GDP actually grows, that more jobs are created here. We'll gladly work on that tomorrow.

We'll work when it comes to healthcare to make sure surprise billing, that the Americans across this country that get a surprise bill, even though they are in network, that comes back to them, we'll work to solve that," McCarthy said.

The challenge that we have is the majority controls what's happening in committees, and none of that has happened. None of that has happened. The only thing that has happened this entire year is something to do to undercut this president. Well, now it's time to build up America and turn the page.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, noted that Democrats, in calling Mueller to testify, were hoping Americans would be able to picture what the Mueller report describes:

"[I]f we are going to paint a picture, let's paint the picture of what's actually happening," Collins said.

You have the Democratic majority who has no agenda. There's a democratic majority who has trouble bringing bills to the floor. A Democratic majority in our own committee where the very things that they talk about -- immigration, election interference and others could be dealt with, but they don't bring any bills forward.

Even tomorrow we are going to have another hearing to talk about the problem on the border instead of fixing the problem on the border. I challenge the Democratic colleagues--get over the election of 2016. Run in 2020 if you want--this president has put forward a great economy. This president has put forward great ideas. Run on those -- quit trying to dredge up a picture that today got painted that said your investigation is over.

Mr. Mueller has done his job. He has presented a report. Someone asked, did you find out anything new? The answer is no. We have had the report for three months. Mr. Mueller simply said what was in the report. Collusion and conspiracy are over and the observations of obstruction of the Democratic majority he didn't subscribe to their theory. Neither did the American people. That's why we're fighting for real solutions instead of the continuation of the show. That's the picture that was painted today.

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