Virginia's Next Lt. Gov. Says Her Win 'Was a God Thing'; 'We Tried to Touch the People'

Susan Jones | November 3, 2021 | 10:02am EDT
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Incoming Virginia Lt.-Gov. Winsome Sears thanks her supporters for helping her win the race. (Photo: Screen capture)
Incoming Virginia Lt.-Gov. Winsome Sears thanks her supporters for helping her win the race. (Photo: Screen capture)

( - Winsome Sears will become Virginia's first black Republican lieutenant governor -- a victory she said she's "still processing."

"How did you do it?" Fox News's Steve Doocy asked Sears on Wednesday morning.

"It was a God thing, Steve. what else can I tell you?" Sears said.

She said she had a "rag tag staff," little money, few endorsements:

And we just worked and worked, and what we did, we went to the voters. Knocked on doors. And had little conversations with people about the issues.

We went and talked with men and women who were formerly incarcerated, who are trying to come back into society just so that they can get a second chance.

And you know, I used to run a men's prison ministry for two years. Every Wednesday at 6:00 I delivered a message of hope. You know, America is the land of second chances, and that's how we did it. we tried to touch the people.

Asked if Democrat "progressives" have tried to pull the nation too far to the left, Sears said they've promoted social division that has no place in Virginia:

"But, I think what has happened with the progressives is that they have pitted all of us against each other so that they can swoop in and be our political savior. And we are saying that, you know, we have to be one Virginia.

"I have won my race as lieutenant governor. And I'm not going to be representing Republicans only. No, I'm representing Republicans, libertarians, Green Party, Democrats, everybody. We have got to learn to live together and get along so we can have peace."

While Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe made former President Donald Trump his main issue, "we were talking about the bread-and-butter issues," Sears said:

We are talking about parents who want to have a say and should have a say and by right have a say in the way that their child is being educated. And you don't want to get between momma bear and her cub and poppa bear, too, for that matter.

So, you know, we are concerned about education. We are concerned about safety. Our communities, are they safe? Are our neighborhoods safe?

That's job number one, and then, of course, we want to ensure that we have a business environment that allows businesses to want to come to Virginia. We can't afford to lose the right to work. We have talked about that. There are so many things that we can do together rather than being at each other's throat, and that's what the people want.

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