Trump's Defense: After Democrats' 'Bluster and Innuendo,' Six Key Facts Remain

By Susan Jones | January 25, 2020 | 3:57pm EST
Deputy Counsel to the President Michael Purpura (Photo: Screen capture)
Deputy Counsel to the President Michael Purpura (Photo: Screen capture)

( - "Let's talk about the facts and the evidence in this case," Michael Purpura, deputy counsel to the president, told the U.S. Senate on Saturday morning.

The most important piece of evidence we have in the case, and before you, is the one that we began with nearly four months ago -- the actual transcript of the July 25, 2019 telephone call between President Trump and President Zelensky; the real transcript.

If that were the only evidence we had, it would be enough to show that the Democrats' entire theory is completely unfounded, but the transcript is far from the only evidence demonstrating that the president did nothing wrong.

Once you sweep away all of the bluster and innuendo, the selective leaks, the closed-door examinations of the Democrats' hand-picked witnesses, the staged public hearings, what we're left with are six key facts that have not and will not change.

Purpura listed those six facts, as follows:

1. The transcript shows that the president did not condition either security assistance or a meeting on anything. The paused security assistance funds aren't even mentioned on the call.

2. President Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials have repeatedly said that there was no quid pro quo and no pressure on them to review anything.

3. President Zelensky and high-ranking Ukrainian officials did not even know about the pause in security assistance until the end of August, over a month after the July 25 call.

4. Not a single witness testified that the president himself said that there was any connection between any investigations and security assistance, a presidential meeting or anything else.

5. The security assistance flowed on September 11th and a presidential meeting took place on Sept. 25 without the Ukrainian government announcing any investigations.

6. The Democrats' own witnesses testified that President Trump has been a better friend and a stronger supporter of Ukraine than his predecessor.

“Those are the facts,” Purpura said. “We plan to address some of them today and some of them next week."

He continued:

Each one of these six facts standing alone is enough to sink the Democrats' case. Combined, they establish what we've known since the beginning -- the president did absolutely nothing wrong.

The Democrats’ allegation that the president engaged in a quid pro quo is unfounded and contrary to the facts. The truth is simple and it's right before our eyes. The president was at all times acting in our national interest and pursuant to his oath of office.

But before I dive in and speak further about the facts, let me mention something that my colleagues will discuss in greater detail. The facts that I'm about to discuss today are the Democrats' facts. This is important because the House managers spoke to you for a very long time, over 21 hours, and have repeatedly claimed to you that their case is, and their evidence is, overwhelming and uncontested. It's not.

I'm going to share a number of facts with you this morning that the House managers didn't share with you during more 21 hours, I'll ask you, as Mr. Cipollone already mentioned, that when you hear me say something that the managers didn't present to you, ask yourself -- why they didn't tell me that? Is that something I would have liked to have known? Why am I hearing it for the first time from the president's lawyers?

It's not that they didn't have enough time, that's for sure. They only showed you a very selective part of the record -- their record. And they, remember this, they have the very heavy burden of proof before you. The president is forced to mount a defense in this chamber against a record that the Democrats developed. The record that we have to go on today is based entirely on House Democratic facts precleared in basement bunker, not mostly, entirely.

Yet even those facts absolutely exonerate the president. Let's start with the transcript...


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