Trump Defiant: Republicans Are 'Winning'; Americans 'Tired of the Radical, Rage-Filled...Socialists'

Susan Jones | January 29, 2020 | 6:41am EST
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President Trump gives an upbeat stump speech in Wildwood, New Jersey on Jan. 28. (Photo: Screen capture)
President Trump gives an upbeat stump speech in Wildwood, New Jersey on Jan. 28. (Photo: Screen capture)

( - Chants of "four more years" rang out in Wildwood, New Jersey Tuesday night, as President Donald Trump enumerated his accomplishments, praised a former Democrat congressman for turning Republican, thanked the "respected" Republican Party, and blasted the "radical, rage-filled left(ist) socialists."

The president, apparently unfazed by the impeachment proceedings back in Washington, told the cheering crowd that not only is the Republican Party "winning, winning, winning like never before," but so are Americans.

While we are creating jobs and killing terrorists, the congressional Democrats are obsessed with demented hoaxes, crazy witch-hunts and deranged partisan crusades.

That's all they know how to do, the do-nothing Democrats. They have spent the last three years, and probably even before I came down on that beautiful escalator with our beautiful first lady, trying to overthrow the last election, and we will make sure that they face another crushing defeat in the next election.

We are going to have a victory that is greater than 2016. This November, we are going to win back the House. We are going to hold the Senate. And we are going to keep the White House. [Chants of "four more years" erupted.]

The American people are disgusted by the Washington Democrats. You see it. You see it -- which is worse? The impeachment hoax or the witch-hunts from Russia?

But we're going to be signing up millions and millions of registered independents, Democrat voters, and today I had the best polls that I've ever had since being elected. The best we've ever had.

Remember, I used to go over polls? But I only used to talk about them when I was doing well. [He laughed.] We had our best polls. Americans of all political beliefs are sick and tired of the radical, rage-filled, left(ist) socialists.

I never saw anything (like) what's going on in this country. What's going on in this country -- the Democrat, really, the Democrat Party is the socialist party and maybe worse. Voters are making a mass exodus from that party, and we are welcoming them to the Republican Party with wide open arms.

Here Trump introduced former Democrat Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who recently switched to the Republican Party. "He has had enough of their extremism, and enough of their socialism and enough of their vile hoaxes and scams," Trump said, praising Van Drew as "brave" for embracing lower taxes, less regulation and a strong national defense.

"He loves your Second Amendment, which is under siege by the Democrats," Trump added.

To those who say a Republican can't win New Jersey's electoral votes, Trump said, "Tell me why."

He talked about the size of the crowd gathered inside and outside to hear him speak in south Jersey.

Trump said Democrats are trying to "steal" the 2020 election, and he thanked the Republican Party: "We're winning, winning, winning like never before," he said (in the midst of impeachment).

"So I just want to thank Republicans, because what they've been doing is incredible. Republican leadership in this country, we are winning, winning, winning like never before. We are winning again, and we have a party that is a very different party, a much stronger party, much more inclusive party. We have a party that we love. We have a party that has the votes; we have a party like they've never had before. The Republican Party, respected again.

"And I have to say this: America is winning again, and America is thriving again like never before."


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