Trump to Biden: 'I Ran Because of You...You Did a Poor Job'

By Susan Jones | October 23, 2020 | 5:12am EDT
President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at the White House on April 1, 2014. (Photo by Ken Cedeno/Corbis via Getty Images)
President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at the White House on April 1, 2014. (Photo by Ken Cedeno/Corbis via Getty Images)

( - "You know, Joe, I ran because of you. I ran because of Barack Obama, because you did a poor job," President Trump told his Democrat rival Joe Biden at Thursday's final debate.

"If I thought you did a good job, I would’ve never run. I would’ve never run. I ran because of you. I’m looking at you now, you’re a politician, I ran because of you."  Trump accused Biden of being all talk and no action.

Biden responded by steering the conversation away from Biden's record on crime to "character."

"Well, I'll tell you what," Biden said, "I hope he does look at me because what’s happening here is, you know who I am. You know who he is, you know his character, you know my character, you know our reputations for honor and telling the truth. I am anxious to have this race. I’m anxious to see this take place. I am-- The character of the country is on the ballot. Our character’s on the ballot, look at us closely."

That gave Trump an opening to bring up the Biden family's alleged business dealings in Ukraine and China:

"If this stuff is true about Russia, Ukraine, China, other countries, Iraq," Trump said. "If this is true, then he’s a corrupt politician. So don’t give me the stuff about how you’re this innocent baby."

Those comments came in response to a segment on "race in America."

According to Biden:

The fact of the matter is, there is institutional racism in America. And we have always said, we’ve never lived up to it, that we hold these truths to be self-evident, all men and women are created equal. Well, guess what, we have never, ever lived up to it. But we’ve always constantly been moving the needle further and further to inclusion, not exclusion.

This is the first president to come along and says, that’s the end of that. We’re not going to do that anymore. We have to provide for economic opportunity, better education, better healthcare, better access to schooling, better access to opportunity to borrow money to start businesses, all the things we can do. And I’ve laid out a clear plan as to how to do those things just to give people a shot. It’s about accumulating the ability to have wealth as well as it is to be free from violence.

To which Donald Trump responded:

"And again, he’s been in government 47 years, he never did a thing, except in 1994, when he did such harm to the black community, and they were called … and he called them super-predators. And he said that, he said it, super-predators. And they never lived that down. 1994, your crime bill, the super-predators. Nobody has done more for the black community than Donald Trump..."

Biden denied calling anyone "super-predators." (He called them "predators.") Then he defended the Obama-Biden record, noting that "we commuted over 1,000 people's sentences" and reduced the prison population by 38,000 people:

"And one of the things we should be doing, there should be no, no minimum mandatories in the law," Biden said. "That’s why I’m offering $20 billion to states to change their state laws to eliminate minimum mandatories and set up drug courts. No one should be going to jail because they have a drug problem. They should be going to rehabilitation, not to jail. We should fundamentally change the system, and that’s what I’m going to do."

"But why didn't you do it four years ago?" Trump asked. "Why didn’t you do that four years ago? Even less than that. Why didn’t you when you were vice president? You keep talking about all these things you’re going to do, and you’re going to do this, but you were there just a short time ago and you guys did nothing."

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