Leftist Media: Trump is 'Bull Connor,' 'Existential Threat,' RNC is 'Modern-Day Minstrel Show'

By Michael W. Chapman | September 2, 2020 | 9:56am EDT
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(CNS News) -- The left-wing media have been attacking Donald Trump and his administration since 2016, and as the 2020 election nears they have only increased their assaults, describing the president of the United States as a racist, a Bull Connor, an existential threat, "going postal," and "breaking down day by day, lie after lie," according to a new report by NewsBusters

The left-wing MSNBC went so far as to describe the black conservative speakers at the Republican National Convention as a "modern-day minstrel show." 

In the report, Top 21: Panicked About President Trump Going ‘Postal’ But Fine With ‘Peaceful’ Protests,  NewsBusters Deputy Research Director Geoff Dickens presents 21 of the worst smears against President Trump and his administration by the media just since July 31, roughly the last 33 days.  

“I watched the Republican convention, and seeing the slew of black speakers that they had, it really did look like a modern-day minstrel show to me," said host Tiffany Cross on MSNBC’s AM Joy, Aug. 30. 

While speaking with Oklahoma teacher and former Trump voter Nancy Shivley, CNN's Jim Sciutto asked, “You say you’re haunted by your vote for President Trump in 2016 because you fear that now with the pandemic, you may have signed your own death warrant.” (CNN New Day, Aug. 3.) 

“There’s going to be a split screen on January 20, 2021. If Joe Biden is now going to be the 46th president of the United States, you will have him being inaugurated and — and watching police and armed forces trying to pull Donald Trump out of the White House. I cannot wait for that split screen.” -- CNN political analyst April Ryan, Aug. 2

MSNBC's Donny Deutsch declared, “How do one in three Americans still believe this man [Donald Trump] about corona or anything, and the answer is only one thing: One in three Americans are racists.” -- Morning Joe, Aug. 14.

“Mr. President, after three and a half years, do you regret at all, all the lying you’ve done to the American people?” -- Huffpost White House correspondent Shirish Dáte, Aug. 13. 

“In 2016, Donald Trump relied on foreign help and voter suppression to help him squeak by Hillary Clinton. This year, he’s literally going postal to do the same thing against Joe Biden." -- Host Joy Reid on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, Aug. 13. 

“Do you believe that what this president is doing is on par with what [Rep. John] Lewis and you and so many a generation fought against in the ’60s?....You think this president has hate in his heart for people like you [black Americans] and for the idea of justice and society for all?” -- CNN's Chris Cuomo to Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.), July 31. 

“FIERY BUT MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTESTS AFTER POLICE SHOOTING” -- Actual headline aired during CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez’s report in front of a blazing building, Aug. 25.

“Donald Trump has revealed the ugly underbelly of American politics...There’s general consensus among at least the Democratic constituency that Donald Trump and his Republican enablers….constitute an existential threat to the country….What we’re seeing in Michigan and in Detroit, particularly in Wayne county, more broadly, is an all-out understanding that Donald Trump has to be sent home. We have to see the back of his head because he represents a fundamental threat to the country.” — MSNBC contributor and Princeton professor Eddie Glaude on MSNBC Live, Aug. 4. 

“Trump views China’s Communist Party as a threat. Young Chinese see it as a ticket to a better future.” — Headline to Aug. 4 Washington Post article by Anna Fifield.

“Ladies and gentlemen, your 2020 Republican National Convention…. A bizarre collection of alternative facts and alternative realities told by cranks and misfits that would never be allowed inside any convention before this.” — Host Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Aug. 25.

Host Judy Woodruff: “The President is continually, almost daily now denigrating mail-in voting, is opposed to funding so much of what the Postal Service says it needs. What are we headed for this November?”...

Political analyst Mark Shields: “I think what we are talking about here is nothing less than Bull Connor in the streets of Birmingham with dogs and fire hoses. I mean, this is repression and suppression of Americans who want to vote. It is nothing less. That is what it is. And let’s call it for exactly what it is.” -- PBS NewsHour, Aug.14. 

"[T]his President clearly seems to be breaking down day by day by day, lie after lie after lie, coronavirus death, coronavirus death after coronavirus death, which he could have prevented.” -- Host Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Aug. 14. 

To read the complete report, click here

Disclosure: NewsBusters is a division of the Media Research Center, the parent organization of CNSNews.com. 


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