Gallup: Worry About Crime and Violence Highest Since 2016

Michael W. Chapman | April 11, 2022 | 10:16am EDT
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(CNS News) -- A new survey shows that 53% of Americans worry a "great deal" about crime and violence, and another 27% worry a "fair amount" about crime and violence. This is the highest level of concern since 2016, reported Gallup. 

In the March 1-18 poll, Gallup asked, "I'm going to read a list of problems facing the country. For each one, please tell me if you personally worry about this problem a great deal, a fair amount, only a little or not at all: Crime and violence."

In response, 53% said a "great deal, and 80% said a "great deal/fair amount."

This worry "places the issue near the top of the list of 14 national concerns -- behind only inflation and the economy," said Gallup.


This survey "is in line with similar findings last fall that showed upticks in Americans' anxiety about experiencing a range of crimes and their belief that crime in their local area was worsening," said the polling firm. "Government national crime data have also shown recent increases in the U.S. homicide rate to its highest point in 25 years."

By sex, 58% of women said they worry a "great deal" about crime while 48% of men said the same. Sixty-one percent of Republicans said they worry a "great deal" about crime while only 43% of Democrats said the same.

"In 2019, Democrats' worry receded and has been below 50% since," reported Gallup.  "Republicans' worry about crime has risen sharply since Joe Biden became president, including an eight-point increase this year."

To read the survey, click here

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