CBS Trashes White House’s Tax Plan, Critique Divorced from Reality

April 26, 2017 | 10:02 PM EDT

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The White House on Wednesday released the outline for the President’s proposed tax plan that would drastically cut taxes and simplify the filing process, among other things. CBS’s resident Trump critic and anchor, Scott Pelley kicked off the show smearing it. “Today the Trump administration rushed out a plan for historic tax cuts high on hyperbole, but with only a dollop of detail,” he declared at the top of CBS Evening News. His critique was loaded with snide attacks at the President and at one point divorced itself from reality, something Pelley once chastised Trump for.

“The list of aspirations looked more like an attempt to beat the 100-day mark in the Trump presidency rather than a serious proposal to reform the tax code,” he slammed. From there, he unleashed a torrent of condemnation with little substance:

On paper, everyone is in for a break, personal income taxes, corporate taxes, savings for the rich and the dead, but nothing on how to implement it or pay for it. Far from legislation, the President's bullet points today were loaded into a starting gun that signals the beginning of a race of lobbyists and special interests to rewrite America's 70,000-page tax code.

Pelley’s mischaracterization of the plan is obvious upon reading the document. The plan aims to provide savings for all of America. It even says the plan aims to: “Eliminate targeted tax breaks that mainly benefit the wealthiest taxpayers.” And the smug remark about “the dead” getting a tax break dismisses the tragedy of family farms, businesses, and land having to be broken up and sold in order to please the hungry IRS. 



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