Trucks Encircle ABC, CBS, NBC, Challenge ‘Liberal’ Media to ‘Tell The Truth’

By Michael W. Chapman | October 4, 2010 | 5:29pm EDT

A Media Research Center "Tell the Truth!" truck ad in downtown New York City. (Photo: Cory Parks and Joe Schoffstall.)

( – Four billboard trucks bearing the message “Stop the Liberal Bias, Tell the Truth!” began circling the Manhattan headquarters of ABC, CBS, NBC, and the New York Times on Friday. The trucks will do so for eight hours every weekday for the next four weeks as part of a campaign run by the MediaResearchCenter, a watchdog group that analyzes the media for liberal bias.

Similar trucks also are operating in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, passing the offices of the broadcast networks, the Washington Post, CNN, the Newseum, the National Press Club and Politico, and ads about the campaign are running on numerous Web sites and on conservative talk radio programs.

L. Brent Bozell III, president of the Media Research Center (MRC), the parent organization of, said the goal of this 2010 “Tell the Truth!” campaign “is simple: to force the liberals in the media to stop pushing an agenda and just tell the truth.”

The “liberal media news networks” need to report the facts about “massive growth in government and its control over our lives, and about spending, deficits and debt,” he told “They also need to tell the truth about the efforts to turn our country into a European-style Socialist state.”

"Tell the Truth!" truck in New York City. (Photo: Cory Parks and Joe Schoffstall.)

In a video about the campaign on the MRC Web site, Bozell said, “We can’t stop our efforts, we’ve got to maintain that intensity of letting the American people know exactly the fact that the socialist agenda of the Obama administration is being pushed by those same people who then look at you in the camera and say, ‘I’m nothing but an objective journalist.’ No, they’re not. They’re participants.”

Concerning the billboard trucks in Manhattan, each side of one truck says, “Hey CBS, Stop the Liberal Bias, Tell the Truth!”  and the back of the truck says, “Honk If You Don’t Believe The Liberal Media.”  The other trucks bear the same message but directed at ABC, NBC, and the New York Times.

In Washington, D.C., there are also 12 delivery trucks with an identical message. But, as rented ad space, they will run their daily routes in the metro area.  Six trucks are also scheduled to run in Denver, Colo.

The MRC launched the 2010 “Tell The Truth!” campaign in September and, in addition to the truck ads, the watchdog group is running similar ads on the conservative Web sites,, The Drudge Report and

Also, the MRC is posting billboard ads of its “Tell the Truth!” message in nine cities, including Pittsburgh, Little Rock, Las Vegas, Dallas, Orlando, Seattle and Milwaukee.  TV ads will be broadcast on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” program. Further, throughout this month an ad will run on the popular conservative talk radio program The Mark Levin Show.

The MRC estimates that with this campaign it will reach “tens of millions of Americans every single week over the next several months and present them with concrete evidence of the leftist bias in the press.”

In 2008, the goal of the “liberal media” was “to elect Barack Obama by any means possible, and they just created a narrative that was simply not true,” said Bozell. “What do you think would have been the reaction of the American people if, on Election Day, they’d gone to the polls knowing that in electing Barack Obama, they were electing the single most radical socialist in the history of this country? I submit to you, he never would have been elected. That’s the power of the media.”

This “Tell The Truth!” campaign, he said, is, in the long run about his children and grandchildren.  “It’s about generations to come,” said Bozell. “We’ve always been a nation where we left the next generation in slightly better hands than they were a generation before – and that’s not happening now.”

"Tell the Truth!" trucks in the theater district of Manhattan. (Photo: Cory Parks and Joe Schoffstall.)

“We stand to be the generation that will be asked by future generations, ‘Why didn’t you stop it?’”  he said. “I want to be the generation that says, ‘We returned America to her greatness. There were those who wanted to destroy this country and there were some of us who said no.’ That’s what I want.”

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