Sen. Lee: Senate Move to Defund Planned Parenthood ‘in Complete Disarray’

Theresa Smith | August 2, 2017 | 4:36pm EDT
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Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, appears at the Young Americans for Freedom annual conference on Tuesday evening. (Screengrab: YAF)

( – Plans to defund Planned Parenthood are “in complete disarray” after the U.S. Senate failed to repeal and replace Obamacare, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) said Tuesday.

But, he declared, “we’re not giving up and we’ll continue to fight.”

At the Young Americans for Freedom annual conference in Washington D.C., a student told Lee, “In the Obamacare repeal attempt, one of my favorite things that the bill did was it would have defunded Planned Parenthood.”

“Where does the fight to capitalize on our campaign promises to finally defund Planned Parenthood stand now after the failure to repeal Obamacare?” the student asked.

“In complete disarray,” replied Lee.

“Now, this is sad,” the senator continued. “Look, the Republican party, to my knowledge, essentially every candidate who sought any federal office – and I mean House, Senate, the presidency – for the last seven years has done so on the campaign that we would repeal Obamacare. And for at least the last two, three, four years, we focused a lot on defunding Planned Parenthood.”

“This ought not be controversial,” Lee added. “What we’re talking about here is something that a good many Americans, I would imagine many, if not most of us, if not nearly all of us in this room find reprehensible: the willful profiteering on the taking of innocent human life.”

“It does not get more serious than that,” he said. “And yet, that’s what is afoot within Planned Parenthood, and not only are we allowing it to occur, but the federal government has been funding it.”

“So, that’s one of the many reasons why I was enormously dismayed, frustrated, disappointed, and saddened by what happened last Thursday,” Lee said.

“We haven’t given up. And we’re not giving up,” said Lee. “And we’ll continue to fight.”

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