U.S. Lost 6,000 Manufacturing Jobs in March

By Terence P. Jeffrey | April 5, 2019 | 8:50am EDT
Assembly line on the Ford Dearborn Truck Plant (Getty Images/Bill Pugliano)

(CNSNews.com) - The United States lost 6,000 manufacturing jobs last month with employment in the manufacturing sector dropping from 12,827,000 in February to 12,821,000 in March, according to the monthly employment report released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The manufacturing job losses were driven by jobs lost in the motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts industry.

“Manufacturing employment changed little for the second month in a row (-6,000 in March, following +1,000 in February),” said the BLS report. “In the 12 months prior to February, manufacturing had added an average of 22,000 jobs per month. Within the industry, employment in motor vehicles and parts declined in March (-6,000)."

In December 2016, the month before President Donald Trump was inaugurated, there were 12,355,000 manufacturing jobs in the United States. With the 6,000 manufacturing jobs lost in March, bringing the manufacturing job total to 12,821,000, there has now been a net increase of 466,000 manufacturing jobs during Trump’s presidency.

In the motor vehicle and parts sector, according to BLS, the number of people employed dropped from 1,005,300 in February to 999,000 in March.

In December 2016, the month before Trump’s inauguration, there were 952,900 people employed in the motor vehicle and parts sector in the United States. After accounting for the jobs lost in March, employment in this sector has increased under Trump by 46,100.

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