Corbin Bernsen: ‘My Daddy is in Heaven’ Can Provide ‘a Little Hope and Faith and Inspiration’

By Terence P. Jeffrey | March 8, 2018 | 12:50 PM EST

Corbin Bernsen in "My Daddy is Heaven" (Screen Capture)

( - Corbin Bernsen, who starred in “LA Law” and “Psyche,” is in a new film to be released March 13 that tells the story of a family that—eventually--overcomes tragedy through faith. It is called "My Daddy Is In Heaven."

“It is based on a real-life incident,” Bernsen told

“It is the story of a man who dies. He’s got a family. And it is the questioning of God,” he said. “You know: God, how can you do this? It is a reaffirmation of faith, and a deep belief in God and God’s purpose for all things.”

Bernsen, who earned an MFA in playwriting from UCLA, describes the film as a “Christian movie” that explores “universal” values.

“The human values of forgiveness, love, acceptance are human values for all people,” Bernsen said, “and I think the best of Christian movies explore that.”

The movie is based on the children’s book, “My Daddy Is In Heaven With Jesus,” by Rebecca Crownover. The book tells a story inspired by the real-life experience of Rebecca and her young daughter after Rebecca’s husband, Adam Crownover, is killed in an accident.

In discussing “My Daddy Is In Heaven,” Bernsen noted that a movie, like other art forms, can simultaneously portray great tragedy and inspire great hope.

“Story telling on film has become something like a painting,” Bernsen said. “You look at a painting, there are certain paintings that work and others that don’t. And the one’s that work--whether it’s a red dot on a white canvas, or a Picasso abstract, or a Caravaggio beautiful Italian--there’s something within the painting that identifies what’s human. 

Poster for "My Daddy is in Heaven"

“So, do you have to uplift all the time and be positive?” Bernsen said. “I do not think that we do. Sometimes you can expose the horrors of life--and certainly create a painting of a world upside down.

“I think to express is very important, and I tend to like in film-making to uplift to show the better part of humanity,” he said.

“My passion is to lift us out of the darkness, out of the corners, out of the shadows,” he said.

“My Daddy is in Heaven” will be released March 13 and will be available both as a DVD and via on-demand streaming online.

“It just feels like one of those movies that you will want to have around the house to pop in when you’re feeling down, when you’re feeling kind of alone in the world, and you need a little hope and faith and inspiration,” said Bernsen. “It is one of those kind of movies.”


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