20.7% of Jobs in Baltimore Are Government Jobs

Terence P. Jeffrey | May 4, 2015 | 4:04pm EDT
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(CNSNews.com) - According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20.7 percent of the nonfarm jobs in the City of Baltimore in March were government jobs.

Nationally, 15.5 percent of all jobs are government jobs.

Within the borders of Baltimore City in March, according to BLS, there were 364,200 total “employees.” These employees included both people who lived in the city as well as people who lived outside the city but worked within its limits. Singular individuals who were employed in two different jobs at the same time are counted as two employees in the BLS survey.

Of the 364,200 total jobs in Baltimore City in March, 75,500—or 20.7 percent—were jobs working for the government. That included 39,400 state government jobs, 26,000 local government jobs, and 10,100 federal government jobs.

By contrast, there were only 11,600 manufacturing jobs in Baltimore City, according to BLS. That means government had 6.5 times as many employees in Baltimore City as all of the manufacturers located in the city.

Nationwide in March, according to the BLS, total employment was 141,183,000. Employment by government was 21,898,000. Thus, 15.5 percent of the jobs nationwide were government jobs.

The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey has published estimated employment numbers for people living within Baltimore City for the five-year period from 2009-2013.

In that period, according to the Census Bureau, there were 503,510 people living in Baltimore City 16 years old or older. 312,530—or 62.1 percent—of those Baltimore City residents were in the civilian labor force, meaning they were not on active duty in the military or confined to an institution and either had a job or actively sought one. 190,524 were not in the labor force. (Another 456 Baltimore City residents were in the armed forces.)

269,059 Baltimore City resident civilians were employed, according to the Census Bureau. Of those 56,662 were employed by government. Thus, by the Census Bureau’s estimate for the period 2009-2013, about 21.1 percent of Baltimore City’s civilian residents were employed by government.


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