WikiLeaks: In 2013, Clinton Said She Wanted 'More Successful Business People' to Run for Office

By Susan Jones | October 11, 2016 | 11:29am EDT
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stands next to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

( - Three years ago, long before she and Donald Trump publicly announced their intention to run for president, Hillary Clinton said she wanted to see "more successful business people run for office" because their money and their success gives them  a "certain level of freedom."

According to speech exerpts released by WikiLeaks, Clinton made the comments before the Goldman Sachs Builders and Innovators Summit on October 29, 2013. 

The following excerpt comes from WikiLeaks' searchable database, page 55. (Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta told "Fox News Sunday" the speech excerpts have been "taken out of context," but the campaign so far has not denied their accuracy.)

In his debate with Clinton on Sunday, Trump asked her why she isn't putting more of her own money into her presidential campaign.

"Now, Hillary mentioned something about contributions -- just so you understand. So I will have in my race more than $100 million put in -- of my money, meaning I'm not taking all of this big money from all of these different corporations like she's doing. What I ask is this.

"So I'm putting in more than -- by the time it's finished, I'll have more than $100 million invested. Pretty much self-funding money. We're raising money for the Republican Party, and we're doing tremendously on the small donations, $61 average or so.

"I ask Hillary, why doesn't -- she made $250 million by being in office. She used the power of her office to make a lot of money. Why isn't she funding, not for $100 million, but why don't you put $10 million or $20 million or $25 million or $30 million into your own campaign?

"It's $30 million less for special interests that will tell you exactly what to do, and it would really, I think, be a nice sign to the American public. Why aren't you putting some money in? You have a lot of it. You've made a lot of it because of the fact that you've been in office. Made a lot of it while you were Secretary of State, actually. So why aren't you putting money into your own campaign? I'm just curious."

"Well--" Clinton started to respond, when debate moderator Martha Raddatz cut her off:

"Thank you very much. We're going to get on to one more question," Raddatz said.




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