What Did Hillary Clinton Learn From the Mueller Report? 'That the Russians Were Successful'

By Susan Jones | May 2, 2019 | 7:40am EDT
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(CNSNews.com) - Hillary Clinton gave a lengthy interview to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Wednesday night, but she wasn't asked a single question about her own campaign's efforts to dig up dirt on Donald Trump, by way of foreign agents hired by Fusion GPS, paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democrat Party.

The Maddow platform gave Clinton an opportunity to suggest once again that the Russians stole the election for Trump and that's why she lost. And she said she's warning the current crop of Democrat presidential hopefuls that the same thing could happen to them.


Maddow asked Clinton: "I wondered, as you read the Mueller report, at least the parts of it that we can read, did you learn new things about what happened to you and your campaign in 2016 that you didn't know before reading it?"

"I learned more, and I learned more detail," Clinton said.

But here's the important thing to me. What I learned is that the Russians were successful. I don't think there's any way to read that report and not conclude they accomplished what they set out to do.

They had an objective to sow discord and divisiveness within our society at large, and to help Donald Trump. And they succeeded. So let's move our vision forward and say to yourself, if you're in the Kremlin, you're Vladimir Putin who I've sat across (from) -- I understand his goal is to weaken America. I know that. He doesn't like me because I stood up for America. I get it.

So if you're sitting there and you're saying this worked really well -- Trump just foments divisiveness in America. He is helping to tear the country apart. People are so upset. What are we going to do to help him this time? How do we best accomplish that?

And because we (the U.S.) have no real follow-up, and one of the things that concerned me in the Mueller report is when it's written that they didn't investigate whether or not the Russian active measures actually changed votes or affected the outcome because they assumed someone else was doing that. They assumed the FBI was doing that.

And then we learned that the former secretary of the Department of Homeland Security is ordered not to talk about election interference in front of Trump. And then we learn that there is no concerted effort going on anywhere in our government to try to understand what it means that, for example, at least one county in Florida was breached, but not only that, the network of election machinery in one area. What does all that mean? If you're sitting in a secretary of state's office in some state or in a county election commission, what are you supposed to do?

And I'll tell you, Rachel, I met with most of the candidates who are running this time and answered their questions. I always tell them, you know, you can run the best campaign. You can be the person who gets the nomination, but unless we know how to protect our election from what happened before and what could happen again, because there is greater sophistication about it, you could lose.

And I don't mean it to scare anybody, but I do want every candidate to understand that this remains a threat...It wasn't on the level in 2016. It could be once again not on the level, because we have never really understood as much as we need to. And I think the Mueller report didn't go there. That wasn't what they thought their charge was. And since there is no, you know, like 9/11 commission to figure out what it is that happened.

So how we prevent it should be the priority of everyone. I worry a lot that there's a greater sophistication. They've learned some things that they now are going to deploy against us. And us means the country, not just Democrats.

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