U.S. Allies Annoyed by Trump's Attention to Putin at G20 Dinner: ‘The Body Language, the Chemistry’

Susan Jones | July 19, 2017 | 8:59am EDT
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President Donald Trump held a previously undisclosed, one-on-one, hour-long conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a dinner for world leaders during the G20 summit on July 7. Earlier in the day, the two men met officially for a meeting that ran a little over two hours. (Screen shot from White House video)

(CNSNews.com) - The man who broke the news of President Trump's unofficial, one-on-one conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a July 7 dinner in Germany said he found out about it from apparently disgruntled U.S. allies who watched the whole thing unfold.

Ian Bremer, a foreign policy analyst, author, and head of Eurasia Group, appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Wednesday to discuss the implications of the hour-long conversation between Putin and Trump where only the Russian translator knows for sure what the two men were saying to each other.

“Well, it's not surprising for leaders to have informal pull-asides when they have business to discuss in the context of these summits, but what is unusual is the length, the warmth in the context of what is already an unprecedented relationship between Trump and Putin,” Bremer said:

Many of the leaders that were in that room, including, you know, America’s most important allies were quite surprised. They found it unusual and noteworthy -- the body language, the chemistry, the fact that it went on for so long, and the fact that, of course, it reflected a much warmer relationship between Trump and Putin than he has with any of the other leaders in the room.

And I think in the context of a president who already has unnerved a lot of world leaders, making them wonder to what extent is the Trump administration committed to them, whether it’s on security or trade or climate or what have you – that’s really where the true uniqueness of this comes along.

Was any rule broken? “Morning Joe” anchor Mika Brzezinski asked Bremer.

“No, I don't think so,” Bremer replied. But not having two translators in such a situation is “extremely unusual,” he added.

Ian Bremer, an author, foreign policy expert, and head of Eurasia Group, says he learned about President Trump's hour-long conversation with Russian President Putin from disgruntled allies who also were at the July 7 dinner for G20 leaders. (Screen grab from MSNBC's "Morning Joe.")

“I think with Trump it's less nefarious than it is simply -- the devil could care less,” Bremer said.

“I mean, the reason I know about this meeting is purely because America's allies find the fact that what Trump was doing, not in terms of breaking any laws, but in terms of his indifference to --  at the first G20 summit this guy has ever been in, in his administration, he has no problem showing off. 

"Putin didn't come to him. He got up. He went around the table, he sits down next to Putin. They're yucking it up. It’s very engaged, it’s very animated, it’s very connected. After a day and a half of summit, where he didn't do that with anyone else, any of his allies, and I think lot of people find that very disturbing.”

At the dinner for world leaders, hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Putin was seated next to Trump’s wife Melania.

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