Ukraine President Compares President Trump to Ronald Reagan

By Susan Jones | June 21, 2017 | 6:43am EDT
Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko said his "personal perception" of Donald Trump is: "This is a great leader, he has a great charisma, he has a great political will and he is a strong friend of Ukraine who help me to bring peace in my country." (Screen grab from Fox News)

( – Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko declared Tuesday “a very special day” for Ukraine-U.S. relations, and he expressed the belief that President Trump will bring peace to the Ukraine, in the same way President Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War – without firing a single shot.

“It was my first meeting with the American president, and I see the real leader,” Poroshenko told Fox News’s Brett Baier Tuesday evening, hours after Porochenko met with President Trump at the White House. 

“If you’re talking one word, the meeting was great,” he said. “We really enjoy the very strong message (of) support for our territorial integrity, our sovereignty, and our independence and our fight for freedom and democracy.

“We really enjoy the full-size support President Trump and Vice President Pence demonstrate to Ukraine, to my 45-million (person) nation,” Porochenko said.

“I am absolutely confident that when the President Trump, the real leader, the very charismatic person, can help me to bring peace to my land the same way like Reagan brought victory in the Cold War without one single shot. I’m a strong believer.”

Porochenko said the two leaders also discussed economic cooperation. He mentioned Pennsylvania coal going to Ukrainian power stations and liquefied natural gas from Louisiana flowing to his country.

Porochenko said it’s time for Russia to withdraw its thousands of troops, tanks and artillery from his country. “Without that, sanctions should continue,” he said. “This is the message we hear today from the President Trump and the Vice President Pence.”

Baier asked Porochenko how he views allegations of collusion and obstruction surrounding Trump and his associates. “What's your perception?” 

“He don’t look like a person who has any special relation (with Russia), definitely,” Porochenko said. “My personal perception, this is a great leader, he has a great charisma, he has a great political will and he is a strong friend of Ukraine who help me to bring peace in my country. 

“This is extremely important, and we have a very effective negotiation for defensive weapons. We don't need to attack anybody, but we want to have an effective mechanism to defend by retaliatory warfare, by drones, by everything, defend our territory from the Russian offensive and to present to the world objective information (about) who is violating ceasefire, when we were attacked…who is killing Ukrainian civilians, who is killing soldiers.”

Porochenko said he has two objectives – to bring peace to his land; and to make “very strong reform.”

“And if you allow me, the real Ukraine is born right now,” he said. “And my team, I would be proud if we can have a unique opportunity to be the father-founder of the new state, Ukraine.”

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