Trump: 'We Have Laid Out a Pathway Toward Peace and Security in Our World'

Susan Jones | November 16, 2017 | 7:38am EST
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President Trump lists the benefits of his recent trip to Asia. (Photo: Screen grab/C-SPAN)

( - Reflecting on his trip to Asia Wednesday, President Trump said he's well on his way to accomplishing his three main objectives, including uniting the world against the "nuclear menace" posed by North Korea.

Throughout the trip, and at both summits he attended, Trump said he asked all nations "to support our campaign for North Korean denuclearization."


And it worked, the president said:


They are responding by cutting trade with North Korea, restricting financial ties to the regime, and expelling North Korean diplomats and workers. Over the last two weeks, we have made historic strides in reasserting American leadership, restoring American security and reawakening American confidence.

Everywhere we went, I reaffirmed our vision for cooperation between proud, independent and sovereign countries. And I made clear that the United States will be a reliable friend, a strong partner and a powerful advocate for its own citizens.

The momentum from our trip will launch us on our continued effort to accomplish the three core objectives I outlined -- to unite the world against the North Korean nuclear threat, to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific region, and to advance fair and reciprocal economic relations with our trading partners and allies in the region.

We have established a new framework for trade that will ensure reciprocity through enforcement actions, reform of international organizations and new, fair trade deals that benefit the United States and our partners.

And we have laid out a pathway toward peace and security in our world, where sovereign nations can thrive, flourish and prosper side by side. This is our beautiful vision for the future. This is a future where this vision, this dream, is only possible if America is strong, proud and free. As long as we are true to ourselves, faithful to our founding and loyal to our citizens, then there is no task too great, no dream too large, no goal beyond our reach.

My fellow citizens, America is back. And the future has never looked brighter.

Toward the beginning of his news conference, President Trump paused to ask for, and drink from, a bottle of water. That water-bottle moment, not what the president actually said, made headlines on the cable news programs that Trump routinely denounces as "fake news."


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