Trump Unruffled by Esquire's 'Hater in Chief' Magazine Cover

By Susan Jones | January 5, 2016 | 6:36am EST
The February 2016 issue of Esquire magazine.

( - Far from avoiding the liberal media, Donald Trump sits down with his critics, including those at Equire who depict him as "Hater in Chief" on the most recent magazine cover.

"I gave a short interview," Trump told Fox News's Bill O'Reilly Monday night. "I haven't heard about it, but I gave a short interview."

"They are killing you," O'Reilly told Trump. "Why did you do that? They're killing you. They got on the cover, 'Hater in Chief' with a bad picture of you. Why would you talk to Esquire magazine? You know they are going to hammer you."

"I do-- If you think about a hater-in-chief, I do hate what's happening to America," Trump responded.

O'Reilly told Trump that Esquire is calling him "a bigot and everything else. You know that?" he asked.

"Well, they can call me that. Then I guess they just, you know, look, it's the mainstream media stuff. They go that way. But I do hate what's happening to America so in that way, maybe it's a very accurate depiction. I do hate to see--

"That's a good spin on it," O'Reilly cut in. "I was surprised you talk to these guys. They're not looking out for you, Donald. They are just not."

"Well, I mean I understand. We get a very unfair press. I get a very, very unfair press," said Trump, who has dominated both the conservative and liberal press for months.

O'Reilly asked Trump why he gives liberal media outlets the opportunity to hammer him.

"Because I'm always giving people a chance to be fair, Bill -- always," Trump responded.

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