Trump: Milwaukee Riots 'An Assault on Right of All Citizens to Live in Security and Peace'

Susan Jones | August 17, 2016 | 6:13am EDT
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in West Bend, Wis., Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)


( - Speaking in West Bend, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said the recent "violence, riots and destruction that have taken place in Milwaukee is an assault of the right of all citizens to live in security and peace.

"Law and order must be restored," Trump insisted in his direct appeal to black Americans. "It must be restored for the sake of all, but most especially the sake of those living in the affected communities."

Trump said the main victims are law-abiding African-Americans living in riot-torn neighborhoods who watch their jobs, homes and schools suffer.

"Crime and violence is an attack on the poor, and will never be accepted in a Trump administration," he said.

Trump also tackled the "false narrative" that police are the problem.

"The problem in our poorest communities is not that there are too many police. The problem is that there are not enough police. More law enforcement, more community engagement, more effective policing is what our country needs."

Trump said the "war on police" must end, and he accused Democrats of portraying cops as a racist force in our society."

That has created the "dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America" and fomented unrest in places like Ferguson and Baltimore, he said.

"During the last 72 hours, while protestors have raged against the police here in Milwaukee, another 9 were killed in Chicago and another 46 were wounded. More than 2,600 people have been shot in Chicago since the beginning of the year, and almost 4,000 killed in President Obama’s hometown area since his presidency began.

"How are we serving these American victims by attacking law enforcement officers?" Trump asked.

"Our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter, the looter, the violent disrupter. Our job is to make life more comfortable for the African-American parent who wants their kids to be able to safely walk the streets. Or the senior citizen waiting for a bus. Or the young child walking home from school.

"For every one violent protestor, there are a hundred moms and dads and kids on that same city block who just want to be able to sleep safely at night. My opponent would rather protect the offender than the victim."

Trump said liberal policies, backed by Democrats including Hillary Clinton, will produce "another generation of poverty, high crime, and lost opportunities."

He said the Democrat Party has "failed and betrayed" the African-American community, and he directly appealed for the vote of every African-American "who wants a different future."

"I am running to listen to your voice, to hear your cries for help. The quiet voices in our society, not the loudest demonstrators, need to have their demands heard. Jobs. Safety. Opportunity. Fair and equal representation."

Trump directly accused Clinton of "bigotry" for seeing blacks only as voters; and he said the African-American community has been taken for granted for decades by the Democratic Party. "It’s time to break with the failures of the past – I want to offer Americans a new future."

Trump explained how he plans to fix the nation's problems, including failing schools:

"On education, it is time to have school choice, merit pay for teachers, and to end the tenure policies that hurt good teachers and reward bad teachers." He called for thriving charter schools.

And on crime, Trump said he would support more police, "the best" prosecutors and judges, and strong enforcement of federal laws.

"I am going to break up the gangs, the cartels and criminal syndicates terrorizing our neighborhoods. To every lawbreaker hurting innocent people in this country, I say: your free reign will soon come crashing to an end."


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