Trump: Kennedy's Retirement Makes Senate Control 'One of the Vital Issues of Our Time'

By Susan Jones | June 28, 2018 | 5:43 AM EDT

President Trump receives an enthusiastic greeting in Fargo, N.D. Wednesday night. (Photo: Screen capture/C-SPAN)

( - President Donald Trump, campaigning for a Republican Senate candidate Kevin Cramer in Fargo, North Dakota Wednesday night, thanked Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy for his service to the nation and said Kennedy's retirement is a good reason to elect more Republicans.

"We really have to take our hats off to Justice Kennedy. Thank you very much," Trump said.

The president said he was "very honored" that Kennedy chose to retire now, while Trump is in office "because he felt confident in me to make the right choice and carry on his great legacy. That's why he did it."


Then Trump made his political pitch:

So we have a pick to come up, we have to pick a great one, we have to pick one that's going to be there for 40 years, 45 years; We need intellect, we need so many things to go, you know, there's so many elements that go into the making of a great justice of the Supreme Court.

You have got to hit every one of them. (Sen.) Heidi (Heitkamp) will vote no to any pick we make for the Supreme Court. She will be told to do so. Now maybe because of this, she'll be forced to vote yes, who knows. But I will tell you, she'll vote no the day after the election, on everything. Justice Kennedy's retirement makes the issue of Senate control one of the vital issues of our time.

The most important thing we can do, Democrats want judges who will rewrite the Constitution any way they want to do it. And take about your Second Amendment, your borders, throw open the jailhouse doors and destroy your freedoms. We must elect more Republicans. We have to do that.

The problem is, in the Senate, we have 51. We don't have enough. If somebody gets a bad cold, let's assume they come in for a cold, let's assume it is worse than that, it's a very tough situation. We need more Republicans, especially in the Senate. We have to hold the House and maybe even increase it, and I think we will be able to do it. They keep talking about this blue wave -- their blue wave is really sputtering pretty badly. The red wave is happening...


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