Trump 'I'm Only Interested in Corruption,' Not Campaign: Biden 'Was Never Going to Make It'

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By Susan Jones | October 4, 2019 | 12:03 PM EDT

(Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

( - President Donald Trump told reporters on Friday it is his "obligation" and "duty" to investigate corruption, regardless of political considerations. He also said he would "win" on impeachment, if the House brings charges against him, forcing the Senate to act.

"I'm only interested in corruption," Trump said -- again and again. "Look, Joe Biden was never going to make it," he added.


Here's the concise version of what Trump said repeatedly in his conversation with reporters on White House grounds:

We're investigating corruption. We're not investigating campaigns. I don't care about his campaign. As I said, I didn't think -- I didn't think and I don't think Biden's going to win, all right? I don't think.

And maybe to answer your question -- when you say who is going to win -- I'd rather not make a prediction, but I do have a feeling about somebody. But I didn't think -- because I've watched Biden over the years. And Biden is not the brightest person. I never thought he was going to win. I never felt he was going to win.

Trump said that Obama took Biden "off the garbage heap."

And he said he doesn't think Biden would be his toughest opponent.

At another point in the Q&A, Trump accused Biden of "pillaging" foreign countries.

"How would you like to have, as an example, Joe Biden negotiating the China deal if he took it over from me after the election? He would give them everything ... how would you like to have that? Joe Biden would just roll out the red carpet, he'd give them everything. So again, this doesn't pertain to anything but corruption..."

Trump said Democrats probably have the votes to bring articles of impeachment against him, but "I really believe they're going to pay a tremendous price at the polls."

"And then we'll get it to the Senate and we're going to win," he added.

Trump said he hasn't spoken to many Republican senators, "But I believe the senators look at this as a hoax, it's a witch hunt, it's a disgrace."


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