Trump: 'I'll Absolutely Do Safe Zones in Syria'

By Susan Jones | January 26, 2017 | 8:28am EST
ABC's David Muir interviewed President Donald Trump at the White House on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017. (Photo from ABC website)

( - President Donald Trump plans to sign an executive order, perhaps today, that would bar entry into the United States of refugees from Syria and other countries where terrorism thrives.

He's also expected to direct his team to produce plans for a safe zone in Syria.

"I'm going to be the president of a safe country," Trump told ABC's David Muir in an interview that aired Wednesday evening. "We have enough problems. Now, I'll absolutely do safe zones in Syria for the people. I think that Europe has made a tremendous mistake by allowing these millions of people to go into Germany and various other countries.

"I don't want that to happen here."

As for his restrictions on refugees, Trump said, "No, it's not the Muslim ban, but it's countries that have tremendous terror.

"Our country has enough problems without allowing people to come in who, in many cases or in some cases, are looking to do tremendous destruction."

Trump said he will include a "whole list" of countries in his executive order. "You'll be very thrilled," he told Muir.

Trump noted that the Obama administration allowed "tens of thousands" of people into the U.S, and he said the FBI is now conducting more terror investigations than ever before.

Muir asked Trump about countries that will not be on the list, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. 

"You're going to see," Trump said. "We're going to have extreme vetting in all cases.  And I mean extreme. And we're not letting people in if we think there's even a little chance of some problems.

"We are excluding certain countries but for other countries we're going to have extreme vetting. It's going to be very hard to come in," he said. "I don't want terror in this country."

Asked if such a ban will cause more anger among Muslims, Trump said, "Anger?!"

"There's plenty of anger right now," he continued. "How can you have more?" he asked. "The world is a mess. The world is as angry as it gets. What, do you think this is going to cause a little more anger? The world is an angry place."

Trump traced some of the anger back to Iraq, saying the U.S. shouldn't have gone into Iraq and shouldn't have gotten out the way it did.

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