Trump: Dems Don’t Want Carter Page to Testify, Because He ‘Blows Away Their Case’

By Susan Jones | May 31, 2017 | 8:39am EDT
Carter Page, a former unpaid adviser to the Trump campaign, appeared on Fox News in mid-April to defend his contacts with various Russians, saying those contacts had nothing to do with the Trump campaign. He says he's been unfairly targeted and unmasked by the FBI. (Screen grab from Fox News)

( – President Trump used his Twitter platform on Wednesday to draw more attention to the ongoing “witch hunt” into all things Trump and Russia.

His focus this morning was Carter Page, identified by Trump as one of his foreign policy advisers during the campaign.

“So now it is reported that the Democrats, who have excoriated Carter Page about Russia, don't want him to testify,” Trump tweeted. “He blows away their case against him & now wants to clear his name by showing ‘the false or misleading testimony by James Comey, John Brennan...’ Witch Hunt!”

In a May 29 letter to the House intelligence committee, printed in the Washington Examiner, Page reiterated his “eagerness to have an open meeting” with the committee as soon as possible.


“I have learned from your Committee staff on this Memorial Day holiday that I might not be immediately afforded the opportunity to address the false or misleading testimony by James Comey, John Brennan, et al, as per our previously scheduled appointment for next week,” Page wrote.

“In the interest of finally providing the American people with some accurate information at long last, I hope that we can proceed with this straight dialogue soon.”

Among other things, Page told committee leaders he wants to refute all the "nonsensical lies" told about him by various senior Obama administration appointees.

“For this reason, I hope that my future testimony might be allowed,” he wrote.

Page said given his “decades” of direct work in and research on Russia, “I am used to the extraordinary bigotry and xenophobia which has recently escalated to fevered proportions today at the behest of the Clinton-Obama-Comey regime and its devotees as well as including much of the mainstream media.

“In light of the historic levels that this hysteria has now reached, I believe that I may be uniquely positioned to help clear up some of the severe misunderstandings that unwitting Obama Administration officials such as Comey have showered upon your Committee of late.”

Page reportedly is among the people secretly monitored by the FBI because of his contacts with various Russians. Page told Fox News last month that he never discussed sanctions or anything of substance with his Russian contacts.

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