Trump: 'I Don't Do Cover-ups'

By Susan Jones | May 22, 2019 | 6:42am EDT
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Update: Trump took umbrage at Pelosi's comment about a "cover-up," which she made just before walking into a meeting with President Trump -- a meeting on infrastructure that apparently did not go well. "I don't do cover-ups," Trump said at a hastily arranged appearance in the White House Rose Garden late Wednesday morning, after Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer departed the White House. Trump said he's been transparent, he's done nothing wrong, and "these people were out to get us." Trump said he told Schumer and Pelosi, "I want to do infrastructure." But he said he can't do it under the circumstances, "so get these phony investigations over with." He also issued a flurry of tweets on the "witch hunt" on Wednesday (see below).

( - With all the talk about impeachment, subpoenas, contempt of Congress citations, tax-return demands and the never-ending, anti-Trump punditry on cable TV and Capitol Hill, President Trump erupted early Wednesday morning:

"Everything the Democrats are asking me for is based on an illegally started investigation that failed for them, especially when the Mueller Report came back with a NO COLLUSION finding. Now they say Impeach President Trump, even though he did nothin wrong, while they 'fish!'" Trump tweeted around 6 a.m.

Then at least nine more tweets (and numerous retweets) on the same subject, some of which are printedd here:

After two years of an expensive and comprehensive Witch Hunt, the Democrats don’t like the result and they want a DO OVER. In other words, the Witch Hunt continues!

The Democrats are getting ZERO work done in Congress. All they are focused on is trying to prove the Mueller Report wrong, the Witch Hunt!


Without the ILLEGAL Witch Hunt, my poll numbers, especially because of our historically “great” economy, would be at 65%. Too bad! The greatest Hoax in American History.

Everybody, including me, thought that when the 40 Million Dollar Mueller Report was released with No Collusion and No Obstruction (of a crime caused by others), that was the end. But no, the Democrats want to keep it going in an effort to help them in 2020. Bad for the Country!

“The Democrats are in danger of becoming irrelevant because of their decision to keep taking the country on wild goose chases. They ought to start governing. You know, for a change.”  Michael Goodwin

“He (Jerry Nadler) wants a show. He wants to use Mr. McGahn as a prop to spend three hours claiming that Mr. Trump tried to obstruct the Mueller investigation. YET MR. MUELLER WASN’T OBSTRUCTED IN ANY WAY, HIS COPIOUS REPORT WAS RELEASED FOR ALL TO SEE, & THERE WAS NO COLLUSION..

“He (Jerry Nadler) wants a show. He wants to use Mr. McGahn as a prop to spend three hours claiming that Mr. Trump tried to obstruct the Mueller investigation. YET MR. MUELLER WASN’T OBSTRUCTED IN ANY WAY, HIS COPIOUS REPORT WAS RELEASED FOR ALL TO SEE, & THERE WAS NO COLLUSION....BETWEEN RUSSIA AND THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN. Mr. McGahn can be forgiven for declining the honor of appearing in Mr. Nadler’s pseudo-impeachment drama.”
 --Wall Street Journal Editorial Board
    Today - May 21, 2019

As I have long been saying, and has now been proven out, this is a Witch Hunt against the Republican Party and myself, and it was the other side that caused the problem, not us!


On Tuesday evening, in another flurry of Tweets, President Trump voiced similar complaints:

So even though I didn’t have to do it with Presidential Privilege, I allowed everyone to testify, including White House Counsel Don McGahn (for over 30 hours), to Robert Mueller and the 18 Angry Trump-Hating Democrats, and they arrived at a conclusion of NO COLLUSION and NO OBSTRUCTION! The Dems were unhappy with the outcome of the $40M Mueller Report, so now they want a do-over.

After spending 40 Million Dollars, reviewing 1.4 million pages of documents, & interviewing 500 people with the total support of the White House, the Mueller Report was a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT to the Democrats, so they want a DO OVER. It doesn’t work that way--so bad for our Country!

The Democrats are on a fishing expedition, wanting to interview the same people, and see the same things, as we just went through for two years with Robert Mueller and the 18 Angry Dems. Never happened to a president before. Never even happened to President Obama!

John Brennan on the Mueller probe, “I don’t know if I received bad information, but I THINK I SUSPECTED THAT THERE WAS MORE THAN THERE ACTUALLY WAS.” Wow, he admits he was wrong! Congress should go back to work on drug prices etc.

Here are some of the headlines facing President Trump as he begins his day:

From The Washington Post:

Draft IRS memo says Congress should get tax returns unless privilege is invoked.

--The confidential memo, written last fall by an Internal Revenue Service attorney, contradicts the Trump administration’s justification for denying the president’s tax returns to lawmakers."

From The New York Times:

Democrats Divided Over Trump’s Stonewalling as Calls for Impeachment Grow

-- Democrats were at odds about how to fight the latest defiance of a House subpoena, this time by the former White House Counsel Don McGahn.

-- Some progressive lawmakers are pushing for the first time for an impeachment inquiry, over leaders’ objections.

From Axios:

House Judiciary Committee subpoenas Hope Hicks

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