Trump Backs Pelosi for Speakership--Suggests Republicans May Vote to Help Her Get It

By Susan Jones | November 7, 2018 | 9:07 AM EST

Nancy Pelosi greets Donald Trump on the day of his inauguration. (Photo by J. Scott Applewhite - Pool/Getty Images)

( - President Trump used House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as a foil during the campaign, warning that she would become House Speaker if Republicans lost the House -- as it turns out they did.

But now he's actually suggesting that Republicans vote for her.

In one of his many Wednesday morning tweets, Trump wrote:

"In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats. If they give her a hard time, perhaps we will add some Republican votes. She has earned this great honor!"

Trump called Pelosi late Tuesday night to congratulate her on her party's victory.

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