Sen. Ron Johnson to Democrats: 'Work With Us' on Out-of-Control Border Crisis

By Susan Jones | June 10, 2019 | 5:26 AM EDT

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) chairs the Homeland Security Committee (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

( - The crisis at the Southwest Border is "out of control," and President Trump "brilliantly" used the threat of tariffs to get action from Mexico, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, told "Fox News Sunday."

But Mexico's agreement to send many more of its own troops to the border with Guatemala is only part of the solution, Johnson added:

"We really are calling on Democrats, work with us. This is not a manufactured crisis. This is a problem we have to solve and it's growing out of control."


Johnson said if the number of foreigners entering the country illegally or to seek asylum continues at the pace set last month, we're looking at some 800,000 people for the full fiscal year that ends in September.

"I mean, Mexico has always talked about beefing up enforcement on the southern border but they haven't done it," Johnson said.

"The numbers we are talking about, 6,000 national guard troops, would be significant. Opening up the Migrant Protection Protocol to more individuals. Right now, they've only taken a little more than 8,000 of people waiting for asylum in Mexico.

"But again, what we need to do is we need to change our laws so that we can rapidly and more accurately determine those individuals that clearly don't have a valid asylum claim and safely return them to the home country. There has to be a consequence. We can't let this go uncontrolled the way it is."

Johnson admitted that he is concerned about the pain that tariffs inflict, especially on American farmers and manufacturers.

"But what's interesting, Bret, is when I talk to these individuals feeling that short-term pain, their last comments, and almost always is, but I support what the president is trying do.

"We have not been treated fairly by our trading partners -- whether it's Europe, whether it's Mexico, whether it's China. Of course, China is the main abuser here. So, we -- the president had to get their attention, but I think the president also realizes that the clock is running out. We need to conclude these (trade) deals because some of those damages will be long-term."

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