Sen. King: Biggest Deal Is What Else Cohen May Be Telling Mueller

By Susan Jones | November 30, 2018 | 8:05 AM EST

President Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this year. (Photo: Screen capture)

( - Speaking about Michael Cohen's plea deal on Thursday, Sen. Angus King said the biggest deal may be what we don't know -- what else is President Trump's former attorney telling the special counsel?

"Well, I think what's really significant is the question you asked a few minutes ago, and that is, what other information -- other than the Moscow project, the Moscow deal -- does Michael Cohen have to offer the special counsel," King told CNN's Wolf Blitzer Thursday evening.


"There have been 70 hours of interviews, according to published reports. So this is significant in and of itself because it indicates a connection with Russia that, frankly, was pretty much dismissed or denied throughout the campaign.

"But also I think the more important  (thing) is what don't we know? What is Michael Cohen testifying to, what information is he offering on a whole range of other subjects, and I think that's -- that's the bombshell today."

King noted that Donald Trump had been interested in doing business in Moscow for years.

"And the fact that it continued into the campaign I don't find terribly surprising. You've got to remind yourself, this is a president with vast business interests across the world who hasn't divested himself of a dime of his businesses. He's still the owner of this business. He's turned over management to his sons, but he's the beneficial owner and still has whatever the management structure is.

"So there's no blind trust here; or I guess you would call it a blind trust with 20/20 vision. This is -- we don't know what other businesses there are in other parts of the world or in Moscow or anywhere else. But I think as I said, the important part of Michael Cohen today is what did he say other than about the Moscow project."

King would not say that the latest development proves that the Russians had some kind of leverage over Trump.

"I don't know if I'd escalate it to say it was leverage," King said. "But he did have something that he wanted from Russia during the early part of (2016), and everybody knows that you don't do big deals in Moscow without the approval of the government. And the government in this case is Vladimir Putin.

"So clearly there was an ongoing relationship and a desire to do that deal going into the middle of the presidential election. At least as far as June of 2016. So insofar as did the president want something from Russia during that period, I think the answer is clearly yes. He wanted to build that Trump tower in Moscow."

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