Schumer: GOP Wants to 'Rush Through' Cabinet Nominees Because 'They're Ashamed' of Them

Susan Jones | February 17, 2017 | 11:33am EST
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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer rails against President Trump's Cabinet picks, saying even Republicans are "ashamed" of them. (Screen grab from C-SPAN)

( - "Senator McConnell and Donald Trump wanted us to have all those cabinet officers approved the first day after he became president. Can you imagine what might have happened if we rushed through all these nominees on day one?" Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) asked at a news conference on Friday.

He repeated some of the dirt Democrats have dug up on the men and women chosen by President Trump to help him govern.

"And why do they want to rush through this Cabinet? They're ashamed of them," Schumer said. "Sen. McConnell is ashamed of these Cabinet members, I believe." "Many Republicans are," he added.

A short time later, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) described Trump's cabinet as "truly outstanding" and "the most conservative cabinet, certainly in the time I've been here."

But according to Schumer, Democrats have "done America a service" by showing Americans "who these people are."

"And now, every time Betsy DeVos tries to hurt public education, the American people will have their eye on her. When Sen. (Tom) Price (now HHS Secretary) decides to gut health care...the American people will have their eye on him."

Schumer's main objection to Trump's Cabinet is its wealth and success.

"It is the worst Cabinet, I think, in the history of America--certainly in my lifetime. A swamp Cabinet. Billionaires, bankers."

Schumer said one third of the American people, taken all together, have less wealth than the 15 people nominated by Trump.

"This represents America?" he asked. "It's a betrayal," he said, because it doesn't fulfill Trump's promise to represent "working men and women." (Wealthy people are never considered to be "working men and women" by liberal elites.)

Schumer continued: "It's the worst Cabinet in terms of conflicts of interest; It's the worst Cabinet in terms of coming from a rarified sector of American society, the top one percent, the billionaires; and it's the worst Cabinet in terms of representing the views of average Americans."

"The disinfectant of sunlight might bring most of these Cabinet members down," he said.

McConnell, at his Friday news conference, accused Democrats of engaging in a "futile gesture" to delay Trump's nominations.

"You know, I hope at some point here, the other side will accept the results of last year's election -- allow the administration to get fully staffed and ready to go, but the desire, I guess, to play to the far left has been a consuming passion for them so far."

McConnell said Democrats particularly want to delay the Scott Pruitt/EPA nomination, leaving it in limbo over the President's Day recess to gin up protests at Republican lawmakers' meetings with constituents.

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