Rep. Susan Brooks: 'We Are Not Done...Over a Dozen Interviews Already Scheduled for November'

By Susan Jones | October 23, 2015 | 10:39am EDT
House Benghazi committee member Rep. Susan Brooks presents copies of a collection of emails suggesting that Hillary Clinton lost interest in Libya in the months before the deadly attacks in Benghazi. (Evan Vucci/AP Photo)

( - The House Select Committee on Benghazi has a lot more work to do, Rep. Susan Brooks (R-Ind.) said on Friday.

"It's not over," she told Fox News. Hillary Clinton "was but one" witness. "We have other witnesses to interview -- witnesses like Director (David) Petraeus, head of the CIA; witnesses like Secretary Panetta, who was head of the Department of Defense.  We are not done.

"In fact, there are over a dozen interviews already scheduled for November. Now these will be probably in classified settings," Brooks added.

Asked what she learned at Thursday's long hearing Brooks zeroed in on security lapses at the U.S. mission in Benghazi:

While Clinton talked about security concerns, they "really never rose to the level of her attention; and she seemed fairly detached from all the violence that was happening in Libya in 2012."

Clinton seemed "detached" from her diplomatic personnel and her own staff, Brooks said. "She did send Chris Stevens (to Benghazi), but yet she really could not recall -- she mentioned that she thought she had talked to him once, but had no recollection of when that conversation was.  We don't have any records that she really did ever talk with Chris stevens after she swore him in..."

"In my view...what relationship do you have with your presidentially appointed ambassadors? Why don't they have your email, why don't they have your number?"

"And so I am very bothered by the fact that there were so many layers between the ambassadors in dangerous places and the secretary. And there appear to be far too many layers, and that's the kind of work that this committee hopes to produce -- an investigative report about what the problems are with her security -- it did not seem to be a top priority to the secretary or to the State Department."

Brooks again pointed to the 795 Libya-related emails sent and received by Clinton's State Department team in 2011, the year Gadhafi fell -- "and we can now take the victory lap, so to speak, that Gadhafi is gone and we're supporting the transitional government."

But in 2012, there were only 67 emails, she noted -- "sixty-seven communications that we could find from senior-level people."

"It appears that her level of interest fell off dramatically while security incidences were going off the charts in 2012," Brooks said. "She was not getting that information, she wasn't even getting information by email about our compound being attacked twice in 2012. And so it seems to be a lack of interest..."

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