Rep. Goodlatte on New FBI Probe: 'We Do Know They Know Something Is There'

By Susan Jones | October 31, 2016 | 6:05am EDT
Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) chairs the House Judiciary Committee. (AP File Photo)

( - Rep. Robert Goodlatte (R-Va.), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, says he and Rep. John Conyers, the ranking member, both spoke to FBI Director James Comey on Saturday, but Comey didn't tell them much about the newly discovered emails that may be "pertinent" to the Clinton email investigation.

"We do know they know something is there," Goodlatte told ABC's "This Week."

He noted that Comey told Congress he would reopen the Clinton email case if new information came to light. "And so that's what I think we're looking at here."

Goodlatte said he and Conyers both "enouraged" Comey "to make sure that the American people have as much information as possible before they have to make a decision on November 8th, based upon this stunning new development, that the bureau is examining new evidence in this case that they said they had completed several months ago. So that's very important," Goodlatte said.

"But we also asked him -- I asked him -- if he could do that, based upon the fact that much of this is classified material and based upon the fact that he cannot in any way jeopardize the investigation.

"He did not give us any response in terms of what more he could say. But he certainly took that under advisement.

"I also asked him what the status was of the referral that I made, along with Chairman Jason Chaffetz of the Oversight Committee, of potential impeachment -- I'm sorry -- potential perjury charges to be brought with regard to Ms. Clinton and he deferred to the Justice Department itself. He did not answer that question as well."

Goodlatte said  he doesn't know if classified information is involved in the newly opened FBI investigation. "Well, we don't know. And we don't know what the basis was for Mr. Comey making the decision to further pursue the case."

"Chairman Goodlatte, did Mr. Comey tell you he would be coming forward with more information" host George Stephanopoulos asked.

"He did not," Goodlatte reponded. "His answer was, with regard to a number of questions I asked him, that he was not going to answer those questions at this time, meaning during the conversation I had with him and Mr. Conyers.

"But let me just say, with regard to Mr. Comey making a mistake, I think that he is very conscious of the controversy that has existed in the FBI and in the Justice Department.

"I've talked to FBI agents, former FBI agents, prosecutors, former prosecutors, who have scratched their heads and been very concerned about how the investigation was conducted and the conclusion that was reached 3.5 months ago to not indict.

"And wasn't it very wrong for the attorney general to get onboard a plane in Arizona with Ms. Clinton's husband, the former president?"

Goodlatte noted that Comey is not a prosecutor, so someone in the Justice Department who "handles prosecutions" should have announced the decision not to prosecute Clinton.

"Why (were) five of her aides given immunity from prosecution? Why was a part of the immunity agreement to destroy laptops that contained this information after they looked at it? Why were those people allowed into the room with Mrs. Clinton when she was interviewed by the FBI? That's just one of "many, many questions," Goodlatte said.

"And I think the director is very conscious of this and he feels I think in a very difficult situation, but one which he thinks that given the fact that Mrs. Clinton has been traveling around the country for three and a half months saying that the FBI has cleared her of wrongdoing, that when there is new, and I believe, substantial information available why wouldn't he tell the American people that this is still under investigation?"

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