Rep. DeSantis: 'We Need to Bite Back and Not Give (Obama) the Funds' for Work Permits

By Susan Jones | November 18, 2014 | 7:11am EST

U.S. Capitol (AP File Photo)

( - If President Obama tries to issue legal documents, including Social Security numbers and work permits, to illegal immigrants, "I think we need to bite back and not give him the funds to do that," Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) told Fox News's Neil Cavuto on Monday.

"I don't want an up-or-down vote on all the spending at once," DeSantis said. Instead of withholding funding for Obama's immigration scheme in a stopgap spending bill (or continuing resolution), DeSantis said he wants the next Republican-led Congress to pass individual spending bills -- a return to "regular order."

"I mean, regular order means you fund the departments of government with individual appropriations bills. Now that we have a new Senate coming in, in January, we're going to be able to put Defense appropriations on his desk, Veterans Affairs. Is he (Obama) really going to veto those bills that have broad bipartisan support? I don't think so."

DeSantis suggested that Congress should block funding for Obama's work permits and green cards in a bill funding the Department of Homeland Security:

"I think if we put DHS on his desk and he vetoes that, that wouldn't shut down the entire government, but he would have to explain to the people; 70 percent of the people in the exit polls think he doesn't have the authority to issue legalization by executive fiat.

"So he is on the wrong side of public opinion here. And guess what, Neil? When he did the mini-amnesty in 2012, that harmed a lot of legal immigrants, people who were patiently waiting in line. I had citizens who were trying to bring over spouses from foreign countries. There were all sorts of problems.

"So imagine if he is going to make a program way bigger than that. You`re going to have serious implications for people who are actually following the law and trying to come here legally."

DeSantis said Obama "has zero accomplishments in his second term...And so I think he is reaching for what he can call a -- quote -- 'achievement.' But I think when you're acting outside the Constitution, that's a dubious achievement at best."

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