NBC's Chuck Todd: U.S. Is 'Cozying Up With Kim Jong-un,' While 'Demonizing the Iranians'

By Susan Jones | April 30, 2018 | 5:39am EDT
Chuck Todd hosts NBC's "Meet the Press." (Photo: Screen grab/NBC)

(CNSNews.com) - Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), in a conversation with NBC's Chuck Todd on Sunday, said Iran right now is where North Korea was 15 years ago in terms of developing nuclear weapons.

"Iran is very dangerous," Blunt told NBC's "Meet the Press."  "And they are on a certain path to have nuclear weapons capability in 10 years unless the government would, in a very unlikely way, change its view of itself and the world."

Host Chuck Todd, never one to give credit to the Trump administration, called it "weird how we're treating Kim Jong-un versus how we treat the Iranians." Todd noted that dictator Kim Jong-un "essentially murdered an American citizen...Otto Warmbier"; he has "murdered other people"; and "he has starved his own people."

"The Iranians don't starve their own people," Todd continued, "and yet we're sort of now feeling comfortable cozying up with Kim Jong-un and demonizing the Iranians. It just feels like we're sending some odd messages around the world," Todd told Blunt.

"Well, I don't know, Chuck," Blunt responded. "I think you want to be sure you learn the lesson of North Korea, which is, don't let countries that have bad inclinations all over the world wind up with nuclear weapons. We are with -- we were with Iran right now where we would have been with North Korea 15 years ago. And it's foolish to let Iran become another North Korea.

"And we're not dealing with Kim Jong-un, because we think he's a good guy," Blunt added.

National Security Adviser John Bolton told "Fox News Sunday" that President Trump "has made no decision on the nuclear deal, whether to stay in or get out." The deadline for deciding whether to re-impose sanctions on Iran is May 12, just two weeks away.

Blunt told NBC's "Meet the Press," "You know, if we stay in, I would be very much where (French President) Macron was, where he said, we want to stay in the deal, but here are three things that absolutely have to change."

Macron has suggested permanent restrictions on Iran's nuclear development; curbs on its ballistic missile program; and checks on Iran's military aggression, in Syria and across the Middle East.

"It's actually the three things the president has been saying need to change in the deal as well," Blunt said. "And also remember, Iran is a bad actor in lots of areas. And the Iran deal doesn't cover all their bad activities. We can do sanctions on Iran even if you stay in the Iran deal that don't relate to nuclear."

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