Mulvaney Says Democrats Will 'Never' See Trump's Tax Returns

By Susan Jones | April 8, 2019 | 6:08am EDT
Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

( - White House Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney says congressional Democrats will "never" see President Trump's taxes, despite asking the IRS to give them six years' worth of Trump's business and personal returns.

"To be clear, you believe Democrats will never see the president's tax returns?" Bill Hemmer, "Fox News Sunday" guest host, asked Mulvaney.

"Oh, no, never. Nor should they," Mulvaney said.

"Keep in mind that that's an issue that was already litigated during the election. Voters knew the president could have given his tax returns, they knew that he didn't, and they elected him anyway, which is, of course, what drives the Democrats crazy.

"But they know they're not going to get this. They just want the attention on the issue because they don't want to talk to us about policy."

Mulvaney conceded that Trump could allow people to see his taxes, even if he is under audit, "but that's not what's happening here. The Democrats are demanding that the IRS turn over the documents, and that is not going to happen, and they know it. This is a political stunt by my former colleagues."


Mulvaney said the demand for President Trump's taxes, and the continuing investigations into Trump-Russia collusion, show that the Democrat Party "is infested with what we call Trump derangement syndrome. They still cannot accept the fact that he won like the election, and they will do anything they can to try and either undo that or prevent that from happening again.

"Go back to the president's State of the Union speech," Mulvaney said. "He said really there's a choice here, you can either choose to work with me or fight against me and it's clear with the Democrats have done. They have no interest in working with this president on the border, on health care, and anything. They want to fight with the president and they will do it every chance they get."


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