Michael Moore Refuses to Make Election Prediction; Trump 'Outsmarted Us in 2016'

By Susan Jones | November 2, 2018 | 5:49 AM EDT

Liberal film-maker Michael Moore makes a get-out-the-vote plea on "Late Night" with Seth Meyers. (Photo: Screenshot/NBC)

(CNSNews.com) - Leftist film-maker Michael Moore filled out his absentee ballot on NBC's "Late Night" with Seth Meyers Thursday, urging other like-minded liberals to please-oh-please vote, so "we can throw all the bastards out."

Moore was one of the few liberals who sounded an alarm in 2016, when Donald Trump was gaining on Clinton, while Clinton and her supporters were already celebrating a victory that never happened.


"You actually believed that Donald Trump was going to win," Seth Meyers told Moore. "You called it -- you called it, state by state. So now I'm giving you another chance, how do you feel about Tuesday?" he asked.

"Well, I'm not going to make the mistake that someone else made on a late night show a couple nights ago," Moore said, referring to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who told Stephen Colbert, "We're going to win!"

"My god, that's what happened in 2016," Moore said:

Everybody was throwing the party for Hillary before the election. And I think some people stayed home. I think some people didn't think -- like, everybody said -- even "The New York Times" on election day in 2016 in that box where they predict--said that there was only a 15 percent chance today of Trump winning the presidency.

Look, I think obviously one of two things can happen. And I heard Steve Bannon lay out his blueprint of how they think they're going to win on Tuesday. And they think they're going to keep the House by one seat. And anybody who doesn't trust that, please remember that Donald Trump outsmarted us. He outsmarted us in 2016. And won the white house by losing the election. That takes a certain kind of evil genius to figure that out.

So don't think for a second that come Tuesday, they don't have every intention of holding on to the House and the Senate. And they are good at what they do.

And you should respect the fact that -- that they are able to get away with this. They got away it with Gore when he won. We didn't do anything about it. They got away with it when Hillary won. We don't do anything about it. They know us. They know we're busy and we got other things to do. But they are fanatical about this because they know their time is up. And it's sort of the angry white guy, which actually -- I'm really Trump's demographic.

I'm an angry white guy over 50 with a high school education. So that's me. So if I could just speak to my fellow angry white American guys who are semi-uneducated like me. Dudes, give it up. We've been running the show for 10,000 years. It's like -- it's like we've had a long run as men running everything. And, you know, the Yankees could never win as many pennants as we've won in these 10,000 years as men.

So why don't we just take a break. Let the majority gender run the show.

Moore expressed the hope that the majority of Americans aren't falling for Trump's "here come the hordes" talk.

"Hopefully people have not fallen for it, not the majority. The majority are with us. The majority believe in the liberal agenda. Every poll shows this, Seth. Whether it's climate change, equal pay for women, raising the minimum wage. The majority of Americans agree with all those things should happen.

"And we've got to trust that. And start to feel that we have the power and that we have to exercise it on Tuesday. And you got to get five people -- everyone in here knows five people that doesn't vote. And we've got to get -- bring five people to the polls with you. Have a party afterwards. Bring beer. Do whatever you've got to do. But let's pack those polling places on Tuesday."

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