McCain: Congress Will Re-Examine Funding for U.N. If Obama Signs Palestinian Statehood Resolution

By Susan Jones | March 23, 2015 | 7:58am EDT

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)  ( Starr)

( - Would President Obama really sign a U.N. resolution calling for the establishment of a Palestinian State?

"Of course he shouldn't be considering it," Sen. John McCain told CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday. "And, second of all, if he does that, then -- and it would be approved by the U.N., then the United States Congress would have to examine our funding for the United Nations."

McCain said if Obama were to sign the U.N. resolution calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state, it would "contradict American policy for the last, at least, ten presidents of the United States."

The Obama White House was furious after Netanyahu, in the final hours of his re-election campaign, suggested that a Palestinian state would never be established while he's in power.

Afterwards, Netanyahu insisted that he hadn't changed his policy: "What has changed is the reality," he said, noting that the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas "refuses to recognize the Jewish State. He's made a pact with Hamas that calls for the destruction of the Jewish State."

McCain said President Obama should "get over your temper tantrum." McCain also said he is "convinced" that Obama is letting his personal feelings intrude on policy issues.

"Look, there was a free and fair democratic election, the only nation in the region that will have such a thing. The president should get over it. Get over your temper tantrum, Mr. President. It's time that we work together with our Israeli friends and try to stem this tide of ISIS and Iranian movement throughout the region, which is threatening the very fabric of the region.

"The least of your problems is what Bibi Netanyahu said during an election campaign. If every politician were held to everything they say in a political campaign, obviously, that would be a topic of long discussion."

McCain noted that ISIS is now moving into Yemen; there is chaos in Libya; and Iran is now backing the Shiite militias in Tikrit -- "Where they're going to massacre a  number of Sunnis."

"Which is more important," McCain asked, a statement made by a politician in the heat of a campaign or the wholesale slaughter that is going on throughout the Middle East?"

McCain said he agrees with Gen. David Petraeus that Iran is a greater threat in the Middle East than ISIS is.

For the record, CIA Director John Brennan was asked over the weekend, which is a greater threat to the U.S., Iran or ISIS?

"I think they're both threats," Brennan told "Fox News Sunday."

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